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Scotiabank Prime

Scotiabank Prime Lending Rate  [prime_rate]

Effective [prime_rate_date]

Reference Rates

Bank of Canada Overnight Target Rate           [bank_of_canada_rate]
Effective Date                                                     [bank_of_canada_rate_date]

CAD Scotiabank Reference Rate*                     [cad_bns_rate]
Effective Date                                                     [cad_bns_rate_date]

US Federal Funds Target Rate**                        [usd_fed_rate]
Effective Date                                                     [usd_fed_rate_date]

USD Scotiabank Reference Rate*                     [usd_bns_rate]
Effective Date                                                     [usd_bns_rate_date]

Foreign Currency Accounts

Interest Rate for EUR Accounts1                               (0%)
Effective Date                                                             October 1, 2022

Business Interest-Bearing Accounts

These accounts allow you to perform your daily operations as well as providing a competitive interest rate on your balances in Canadian and U.S. dollars.

Get more details , Business Interest-Bearing Accounts
Credit Cards

Our cards offer a variety of benefits, rewards, and interest rates.

Get more details , Credit Cards
Loans & Mortgages

Whether you're looking to buy a home or make a larger purchase, our borrowing options have you covered.

Get more details , Loans & Mortgages
Savings Accounts

Earn interest with any of our savings accounts, including U.S. and Euro accounts.

Get more details , Savings Accounts

Consider our GIC products when you're looking for a rate of return that is guaranteed for the investment term.

Get more details , GICs
Registered Plans

We have registered plans to suit many different life stage needs - from RSPs, RESPs, and RDSPs.

Get more details , Registered Plans
Mutual Funds

Choose from 58 different mutual funds, including balanced, equity, index, cash equivalent and more.

Get more details, Mutual Funds
Foreign Exchange

Need to buy, sell, or transfer foreign currency? We're here to assist you.

Get more details, Foreign Exchange

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