Loans & Leases

Term Loan for business1

Access to cash for purchasing fixed assets with a competitive rate1

Term Loan for agriculture1

Cost-effective and flexible for things like purchasing machinery, land, breeding stock, making building repairs, or renovations.

Black-Led Business Financing Program

Supporting Black-led businesses through access to financial solutions, advice, and the benefit of offers from Bank partners. 

Scotia Leasing1

Minimize the impact to your cash flow and get the asset or equipment for your business without the risk of ownership

Real Estate Lending

Income Property Lending Program (IPL)

To finance an income generating property at competitive rates1

Scotia Flex for business1

The program that allows you to unlock your capital to grow your business

ScotiaFlex for agriculture1

Customize your farm financing needs with multiple credit products under one global credit limit.

Farm Mortgage1

Flexible and generous terms to match your cash flow for things like buying farmland, making capital improvements or refinancing.

Government programs and affiliates

Canadian Small Business Financing Program – Term Loan1

A government program to help existing businesses or start-ups acquire the necessary financing to purchase equipment, leaseholds improvements, intangible assets, working capital costs, and property.

Canadian Agriculture Loans Act

Cost effective, flexible term financing for farm assets including machinery, equipment, buildings or land.