Personal Redeemable GICs

What is a Personal Redeemable GIC? 

Personal Redeemable GIC allows you to earn a guaranteed rate*. You can access your investment partially or fully at a pre-determined rate as your financial needs arise. 

Secure growth in all plans

Flexibility to invest in a registered or non-registered plan based on your financial needs

Access to funds

Regardless of what happens in the market or in your financial journey, you can cash in early at a pre-determined rate

Competitive Rates*

Interest will be calculated from day one of holding the deposit with the bank 

Is this Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) right for you?

Right for you if you:

  • Prefer a low-risk investment with principal and interest rate guaranteed
  • You want to be able to redeem part or all of your principal at a pre-determined interest rate  

May not be right for you if you:

  • Unlikely to need access to your funds for the term of the GIC
  • Are willing to give up a guaranteed rate of return and principal protection in exchange for the potential to earn more 

Guaranteed rate of return with full access at any time

Terms listed are available for a limited time.


24 months

Additional information

  • Minimum investment of $500
  • Interest paid annually or at maturity*
  • Contact your Scotiabank branch to find the flexible terms available today
  • Available in Canadian currency only 

Perfect for customers

  • Who may need cashflow in the near future
  • Who want a customized and guaranteed solution
  • Who have flexibility and liquidity in their financial portfolio
  • Who want to hold funds while they search for their perfect home or plan their wedding 

The Investment Companion Booklet and Terms & Conditions includes important information about our products, services, and fees. For GIC rates and term options click here.  

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