Whether shopping online or paying for groceries, we don’t normally think about paying with our debit card. People often overlook this payment option because they are unaware of all the benefits it has. Here are 5 things you need to know about your Visa* Debit from Scotiabank.

1. Shop online

With Visa* Debit, you can shop on any Canadian, US or International retailer website that accepts Visa* as a payment option. The money will come directly out of your bank account with no additional account fees. Learn more about the benefits of shopping online with Visa* Debit

2. Collect rewards

Whether you choose a Scene+™ debit card, you can earn points when spending online or in-store. Our rewards programs help you save on things like movies, meals, travel, gifts and much more. Check out which debit card is right for you.

3. Save money while you spend

With our Bank the Rest® Savings Program you can automatically save money without even thinking. With every purchase you make using your Scotiabank debit card, the total will be rounded up to the next multiple of $1 or $5 which you choose when you enroll, and the difference will be put into your eligible Scotiabank savings account. The more you use your debit card, the more you save - it’s that simple. If that didn’t already spark your interest, this is all done at no additional fees. Take a further look at how to start saving while you spend

4. Contactless payment option with Interac Flash†

Are you in a hurry? Interac Flash† capabilities allow a quick, easy and touch-free way make purchases without entering your PIN. Use this feature in-store (where accepted) on any item $100-$250. Just like any other purchase, these transactions will show up in your account through online banking, mobile app and/or in your bank statements. Want an easier way to keep track of your transactions? InfoAlerts instantly sends you an app notification, email or both when there’s been activity on your account. Check out how you can set it up today.

No Flash? No problem

If your Scotiabank debit card does not have the Interac contactless symbol, you can request a new contactless card online, by visiting your local branch or calling 1-800-SCOTIA. Want to learn more about how to use Interac Flash† on your debit card? We can help you with that too!

5. Zero liability

When it comes to protection, we have you covered. Whether it’s an online or in-store purchase made with Visa* Debit or Interac Flash†, any unauthorized debit transactions are protected by Visa Zero Liability or Interac Zero Liability. This gives you peace of mind wherever and whenever you shop. Stay vigilant for any fraudulent activity. Scotiabank is here to help make sure your banking is safe and secure. Learn more about how to protect yourself from financial fraud.

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