Shop online.
Pay with debit.

Pay for online purchases directly from your bank account using Visa Debit.

The perfect way to pay anywhere in the world!

Your ScotiaCard® is enabled with Visa* Debit that allows you to shop online and worldwide – while paying1 directly from your bank account!

 Enjoy shopping at thousands of merchants online, pay in-store in the US and at international retailers. What’s more? You also earn rewards on your purchases!

Here is why you will love your ScotiaCard with Visa* Debit

shop online

Shop Online

Shop online, pay your bills, order food or groceries online – all this, and much more is possible with your ScotiaCard with Visa* debit.

shop while travelling

Shop on Vacation

Going on vacation? Pay in-store with debit when you shop in the U.S. or internationally2. Also use your ScotiaCard at more than 1.9 million ABMs around the world where Visa is accepted.

earn rewards

Earn Reward Points

Earn points on everyday purchases! You can redeem your points towards travel & entertainment with your choice of rewards program.3

secure way to pay

Safety and Security

Using your ScotiaCard with Visa Debit for online purchases is a secure way to pay. Any unauthorized debit transactions are protected by Visa Zero Liability. This gives you peace of mind wherever and whenever you shop!

Visa* Debit gives you more ways to pay

You’ll continue to enjoy the same great convenience of your ScotiaCard, plus you can use Visa* Debit in the following ways (where accepted):
  • Pay and subscribe for streaming services
  • Stay entertained by downloading apps, games, and music
  • Order your favourite meals for take-out or delivery
  • Pay your phone bills online by registering your card with your phone service provider
  • Pay your taxes online on the Canada Revenue Agency website

How Visa* Debit works

Online Shopping

  • Select 'Visa* Debit' if available or 'Visa' at the checkout.
  • Enter your ScotiaCard debit card number, expiry date, and your 3 digit security code found on the back of your card. Enter your name, billing and shipping information, as required.
  • Pay with your ScotiaCard the same way as you would a credit card.

US & International Purchases

  • Pay with Visa* Debit at any retailer outside2 Canada accepting Visa.
  • If prompted to choose between "Debit" or "Credit", select "Debit".
  • At select retailers, you may be asked to enter your PIN, otherwise  just sign the receipt.

Find out more about your ScotiaCard with Visa* Debit 

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, ScotiaCard debit cards with VISA Debit are strictly debit cards NOT credit cards. All purchases you make with a ScotiaCard with VISA Debit will be debited directly from your Scotiabank bank account at the time of purchase.

When shopping in Canada, continue to use your ScotiaCard debit card at any retailer accepting Interac or Interac Flash. When shopping online (or by telephone/mail order), use your ScotiaCard debit card at participating online Canadian retailers and any international retailer accepting Visa. cards When shopping internationally, use your debit card at any retailer who accepts VISA cards. In all cases, funds are debited directly from your bank account.

You can call Customer Service at 1-800-4SCOTIA and request an emergency replacement card. A replacement card will then be couriered to you.

In Canada
Yes, your ScotiaCard with Visa* Debit will continue to work at any Scotiabank ABM and at any ABM displaying the Interac symbol.

Outside Canada
Your ScotiaCard with Visa* Debit will continue to work at more than 1.9 million ABMs around the world where Visa is accepted. Just look for the Visa or PLUS symbol. In most cases, transactions will default to your pre-selected bank account. If prompted to select an account, select Chequing or Savings  to withdraw cash from your bank account.

Yes, you still earn SCENE rewards on your SCENE ScotiaCard with Visa* Debit.