Flash & go with your ScotiaCard® debit card

Make quick, contactless and secure purchases with Interac Flash.

Your ScotiaCard comes enabled with Interac Flash. This allows you to tap your card over the card reader and pay directly from your bank account! Make purchases of $100 or less - no need to insert your card, enter your PIN or wait around for change!

Use Interac Flash for your everyday purchases like coffee, lunch, and much more.

Make an Interac Flash purchase with your ScotiaCard debit card

Just look for the contactless symbol at checkout in participating stores.

When prompted, hold your debit card  over the card reader.

Your transaction is complete when you get that approval message or hear that beep.

Make sure the feature is enabled and you have an account setup as chequing for debit purchases on your ScotiaCard. To enable Interac Flash on your debit card please call us or visit a local branch

Safe and secure

You’re protected from fraudulent purchases by Interac’s  Zero Liability policy*, the latest chip technology and as an added precaution each time you reach a cumulative contactless spend of $200**, you will be prompted to insert your card and enter your PIN to complete a transaction.

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When you get a ScotiaCard with Interac Flash, you’ll need to opt into the Interac Flash feature. We’ll also ensure an account is setup as chequing for debit purchases so that you can use the Interac Flash feature.

Absolutely. Your Interac Flash transactions are eligible for the Bank The Rest®, Moneyback, and SCENE®* programs. All your transactions will be recorded online or in your banking statements.

Most of the time, you won’t need your PIN if your total is less than $100. However, some stores have lower limits. In those cases, you may have to enter a PIN even if your amount is less than $100.

Occasionally, you’ll need to insert your card and enter your PIN even when the total is low. This is a safety measure to help ensure you’re the only one using your Interac Flash card. 

No, there are no extra fees. It counts just like a regular debit transaction. So if you pay account fees on debit transactions that fee will also apply to all Interac Flash transactions.

You can still make chip & PIN purchases using your ScotiaCard if you do not see the contactless symbol displayed on your card.

Each Interac Flash purchase is protected by a $100 maximum limit. When a maximum cumulative $200 contactless spend limit is reached, you will be asked to insert your card and enter your PIN to complete a transaction. And remember all debit card purchases are protected by Interac’s Zero Liability policy.

No, currently Interac Flash is only accepted at merchants in Canada who display the Interac Flash symbol.

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