VISA payWave

Just wave, pay, and go

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It’s perfect for those quick trips when you’re just picking up a few things.

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You can tap to pay with your contactless Scotiabank Visa credit or debit card where you see the Contactless SymbolContactless symbol. No need to swipe, sign or enter a PIN. Start experiencing the speed and simplicity of contactless payments today at merchants that accept contactless payments, including fast food restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, and more.

Safe and secure

With VISA payWave, you can feel safe knowing that your card:

·        Is protected by chip technology – one of the most secure payment technologies available

·        Can only be read by a secure card reader

·        Never even leaves your hand

Plus, you're protected from unauthorized use with VISA Zero Liability Policy

How do  I use it?

VISA payWave

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In addition to a chip and magnetic stripe, VISA payWave has a tiny radio antenna. It’s this technology that lets you pay by "waving" your card over a secure card reader.

Several cards have VISA payWave:

  ScotiaGold Passport® VISA

  Scotia Momentum® VISA Infinite®

  Scotia Momentum® VISA

  Scotia Momentum®No-Fee VISA


  L'earn™ VISA

  ScotiaGold Passport® VISA

If you have one of these cards but don't have VISA payWave, just call us at 1(800) 4SCOTIA. We’ll send you a new card with VISA payWave. Otherwise you’ll get a new card with VISA payWave when your current card expires.

Don’t worry. An accidental wave doesn’t mean you’ll be charged. The store clerk would need to complete the transaction twice for the charge to go through twice.

Your Scotiabank VISA card with VISA payWave must be very close to a card reader to complete the transaction. Your card won’t be charged just because you walked by a checkout. Finally, you can also always request a receipt just to ensure that you weren’t charged more than once.

Your VISA payWave purchases will appear on your Visa statement and look just like any other purchase you make with your card.

If your card is lost or stolen, or if you think that someone is using your card without your permission, call us immediately:

·        In Canada/USA call 1(800) 387-6556

·        Outside Canada/USA, call collect: 1(800) 472-6842

We’ll deactivate your card and send you a new one. 

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