Whether you have been all about apps for a while or if you are just slowing beginning to explore them – now is the time to get into banking from your phone. Here are 4 of our favourite things that you can do on our mobile banking app to help make your life a little easier, every day.

1. Say goodbye to complicated passwords

Do you have more passwords than you could possibly ever remember? Never again do you have to type in a complicated password to see your banking info. Sign into your mobile banking in seconds using your fingerprint as your sign-in id (as long as your device already has the touch-enabled feature).

2. Request money

We’ve all had that friend who’s owed us $20 for an awkwardly long time. Now, you can request money from them through our mobile app to save yourself from that uncomfortable conversation (you might….also need to have that conversation at some point). The request money feature sends an email to the person who owes you money and guides them to an e-transfer link to send you the funds.

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3. Find out your credit score

Not sure what you credit score is? It’s never been easier to find out your number. In our app, Scotiabank customers can check their score by using CreditView℠ from TransUnion® (which is also accessible through ScotiaOnline). Customers can check their score, learn tips to improve it and sign up for monthly updates from TransUnion ®.

4. Deposit cheques with your phone

It’s probably been a while since you have seen a cheque, but for when your favourite aunt sends you a birthday cheque – you can use the mobile deposit feature on the app to deposit it at home, at work or wherever else you want. Go to the mobile cheque feature, scan your cheque and write “cashed” on it. We recommend you keep the paper cheque for 30 days after depositing it through the app.

Managing your everyday banking has never been easier, whether you're using online banking or our mobile app. Learn about all of the banking you can do, using our guides below. If you can't find what you're looking for, type in your question in our help section.

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CreditView service is provided by TransUnion®. The Bank of Nova Scotia and its affiliates are not responsible for this service.
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