Interac Debit

Easier than carrying cash

Is it right for me?

It’s perfect when you want to pay for purchases straight from your bank account.

Tell me about it

Forget about paying with cash. Use your ScotiaCard® debit card instead. Just insert your card, enter your PIN and you can pay for purchases right away with funds from your bank account. That way:

  • It’s easier for you to manage your money.
  • You won’t rack up credit card debt.
  • Plus, you can see all your debit transactions online or on your bank statement.

To pay by debit, just look for the Interac† symbol when you’re at the cashier.

Safe and secure

ScotiaCard debit cards are built with one of the most secure payment technologies available.

Plus your ScotiaCard has a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN). That’s a secret number that you choose and only you know. You’ll use this PIN to access your account.

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