The Long and Short ® Mortgage

Right for you if:

You want low interest short-term rates

You want the security of a longer fixed rate mortgage and can't decide

Benefits of The Long and Short Mortgage

Two interest rates
Get any fixed rate, closed term mortgage for one portion, and a Scotia Flex Value© Mortgage for the other.

Added Benefits
With this program being under The Scotia Total Equity Plan you may be able to also reduce the cost of your borrowing and potentially save hundreds of dollars every year.

You can pay an extra regular mortgage payment on any of your regular payment dates during your term.

You can miss a mortgage payment as long as you have matched one previously in your term.

Conventional and insured financing available.


Choose from weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payment options.

Scotia Mortgage Protection can help make sure the home you worked so hard for is protected.

Rates, Terms & Options

One part of the mortgage payment amount resets every time Scotiabank Prime Rate changes

One part of the mortgage payment amount at a fixed rate for the full term chosen

Mortgage Rates

We understand that everyone's mortgage needs are different. Let us help you find a mortgage that's just right for you4.

Variable Rate Mortgages

Suggested tools

Unlock your equity with STEP

Use the Scotia Total Equity Plan to tap into your home equity. You’ll save with lower rates and get the funds you need to reach your goals.

Mortgage calculator

Find out what your mortgage payments will be, so you can ensure your mortgage fits your budget.

Prepayment calculator

Find out what your mortgage prerepayment charge will be, so you can be mortgage-free faster.

Plan today for a secure tomorrow


Maintain the home and lifestyle you’ve worked hard to build.

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