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Whether you are preparing to backpack across the world, taking a business trip, going on a romantic getaway or organizing a family vacation - planning can be stressful. Once you have chosen your destination, the next question is 'what do I pack?'

Use these tips to simplify your packing:

An important thing to remember when going on vacation is to pack a balance between essential items and basics. People are easily overwhelmed and over or under pack.

Here's a packing checklist for travellers of all types.

This information is only a guideline. You may have to customize your list based on you and your family's specific needs. The important thing is to remember to pack what you need and avoid over-packing. Make a list that works for you, including appropriate attire, but most importantly, prioritize essential items.

Once you have packed the basics and your luggage is ready to go, here are more suggestions to help ensure a smooth check-in:

  • Use your carry-on to pack a few emergency items. With many cases of lost/stolen luggage, packing an extra outfit and a small travel kit with basic toiletries is a great idea. Packing 'back-up' items will help you manage a travel delay or deal with lost/delayed luggage.
  • Keep your valuables close. Use your carry-on to pack items such as cell phones, cameras, laptops/tablets, iPod, jewellery etc.
  • Secure your luggage. Remember to lock, zip, tie or seal your luggage with plastic wrap to avoid any potential tampering with your belongings. Each piece of luggage should be equipped with a name tag including your residential address and your destination as well as any contact information you have. This will help your airline reach you in the event of lost/delayed baggage.
  • Contact your airline and check in early. Always check with your airline prior to departure to confirm weight and carry-on restrictions. Arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to your departure and check in online to save time. This will give you sufficient time to deal with any delays at check-in and will give you an opportunity to make sure you have everything you need, including your passport/airline tickets.

Planning a vacation can be exhausting. Making a checklist of the things you will need will ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation.

Have fun packing and have a safe trip!