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Interac verification service —
like showing your ID, digitally

Confirm your identity quickly and easily. 

Interac verification service is a secure and fast way to confirm your identity when applying for products and services like bank accounts and phone plans, or accessing your credit score or insurance benefits online. Instead of showing multiple pieces of identification, use Interac verification service with participating businesses from your computer or mobile device.

The service uses personal information held by Scotiabank or another major Canadian financial institution to confirm your identity. 

Interac verification service uses strong security tools to protect your information from being accessed or misused. This information will never be shared without your consent. 

Benefits of Interac verification service

Simplified sign-in

Use your ScotiaCard® number and password to apply for banking products, phone plans, view your credit score, and more.

Ease of use

Remember fewer usernames and passwords and avoid the hassle of showing multiple pieces of ID in person.

Peace of mind

Your personal information is secure and never stored between Interac and Scotiabank.

How it works


Look for the  Interac verification service link when you’re opening a new product or service


Select the link and sign up with your ScotiaCard® number and password


Your identity will be confirmed through Scotiabank so you can continue with your application quickly

There’s also an Interac verification service app — download from the App Store or Google Play for easy access.

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Interac sign-in service

Easy access to government websites.

Through our partnership with Interac sign-in service, you can use your Scotiabank sign-in information to access over 80 government websites.  

  • Access your tax information and returns
  • Check your RRSP account
  • Apply for the Child Tax Benefit
  • Access your CPP statement
  • Review your TFSA transactions details
  • And more

It’s a safe and easy way to confirm your identity, and your information is kept private.