Retirement, Will and Estate Planning

Investing Basics

Where to start?

Planning for your retirement - and for the needs of your beneficiaries - can seem overwhelming. How much will you need for your golden years and what will you be able to leave behind? Will your assets be taxed and, if so, by how much? Scotiabank can help you get started - with access to helpful articles, useful online tools and videos, and seasoned Scotiabank advisors.

Create your personalized investment strategy

Writing your retirement plan and your will can help you identify your long-term financial goals and narrow your investment options. If your retirement is years away, you might want to consider higher risk investments that are more likely to yield a higher rate of return. But if you're nearing retirement, you'll likely want something more conservative. In either case, a well written plan will help you to set your goals and expectations.

Speak with a Scotiabank Advisor

Exactly how much should you invest and where? What investments deliver the highest returns and which are the most secure? Should your portfolio feture a mix of low, moderate and high risk assets? Your Scotiabank advisor can help you create a personalized and detailed plan to meet all of your retirement and estate planning concerns.



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Scotia Retirement Savings Calculator
Find out if your current RSP savings and future contributions will be enough for your future.

The Importance of Planning for Retirement
Learn more about the two core components to retirement income planning:Personal Planning and Financial Planning


It's easy to achieve your goals.

Retirement Savings Calculator

Find out how well your current savings and future contributions will provide for your retirement and learn how to address potential shortfalls. 

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Financial Decision Making Tools & Calculators

These interactive tools can help you with RRSP decision-making, retirement income planning, selecting appropriate investments, and more. 

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See our latest demos and videos. 

Borrow to Get Ahead 

Find out how you can pay down your mortgage faster, become debt-free faster and plan for your borrowing to save for the long-term, for things like a child's education and retirement.

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Your 5 year plan 

Make the next five years count. Get a personalized plan built just for you., in three simple steps. Identify your goals, find the right investment mix, and establish your course of action.

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Think about your future 

If you feel a little uncertain about where your investments will be when you retire or you're not sure you're investing like you should, you're not alone. 

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Starting to Save with Winnie Go

Learn to invest your way. (>25-34 years old)

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Growing my Nest Egg with Andrew Pyle

Learn to invest your way. (35-49 years old)

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Thinking about Retirement with Bev Moir

Learn to invest your way. (50-55+ years old)

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