Back to school shopping can be challenging for all families, but especially for those with young children. Finding clothes your kids will like and checking all the items off the school supplies list, can seem overwhelming. It can also be expensive: Canadians expected to spend $883 per family for back to school shopping in 2017.

Thankfully, going online can save both time and money, helping your family save money on the things you really need. We'll show you five ways that the Internet can help you get ready to go back to school without trekking to the store.

Instant price comparison

You no longer need to window shop or check out different retailers' websites to see who has the best prices on what you are looking for. Online price comparison platforms such as ShopBot and ShopToIt can do that for you. Use the search function to find the specific item you need and the website takes you to the most affordable option. A search takes less than a minute and saves you time, money and helps you relax while getting for kids ready for the fall.

Bring on the coupons

From coupons to promotional offers, finding great discounts are an excellent way to stretch your back-to-school shopping budget. Online coupon platforms such as RetailMeNotShop and EBates provide customers with exclusive online deals and promotional codes that you can use online and in store to save even more money.

School supplies made simple

From colour-coded binders to the right type of calculator, it can be tough to find all the items on the school supply list. Online companies like School Start offer custom-made school supply packages that parents can tailor to their kids' needs. The retailer has a database of lists from schools across Canada. Customers can pick out what they want and then the personalized purchases are delivered to your kids’ school.

Let's get social

Exploring social media is a great way to save money on back-to-school shopping without having to brave the stationary aisle. A great place to check for everything from clothes to toys to school supplies is on Facebook groups and through Facebook's Marketplace function. The concept is simple: see a photo of something you want to buy and make a comment on the post. Then, you arrange with the seller to pick up your purchase. There are many groups catering specifically to parents in your community. Sometimes you can even find free stuff in good condition. Have clothes and toys you want to get rid of? Post what your kids no longer use and you can declutter your house while earning some money for the back-to-school season.


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