Your first-year of school is full of firsts as you explore the many adventures this new year is sure to bring. There will be plenty of anticipation and anxiety, but the newbie nervousness will subside and opportunity will outweigh any worries.

This year is your time to shine. Getting involved is key to creating a well-rounded school experience. While your studies are your number one priority, there is so much more to college and university life than term papers and exams.

When you're not busy hitting the books, make your time on campus count. These three tips will make first year your finest. Your time during your undergrad will fly by, so make every moment meaningful.

Get Social

It can be easy to shy away from groups and gatherings if you are not the extroverted type. Plus, if you are living in the dorms, there are neighbors just steps away, making it simple to stick with whoever happens to reside on your floor. But branching out means you will meet new friends you would otherwise never get to know.

Be open to new people, introduce yourself to people in your classes, and consider joining a few teams or clubs. Were you on the debate team, band or hockey team in high school? Exploring your hobbies with other students who share those interests is a great way to make new friends. Students come from all over, so you will meet people from other parts of the country…even the world. Embrace this diversity and delve into relationships that challenge you to be your best self.

Study Buddies

The main reason you are at school is to expand your education. The same goes for everyone else. Why study solo when you can team up and quiz each other? When it is time to get ready for exams, get together with some students in your class. When you have a group that is committed to doing well, you will push each other to study longer and better. And when you are with other students, studying can also become social and a way to connect with a new group of people. Meet up after class or on weekends with plenty of coffee on hand. When you are done and ready to ace your test, reward yourselves with a movie night or a bite to eat.

Sports Support

Whether you are a die-hard sports fan or you are just looking for a little fun, there is no better way to get pumped up than by rooting for the school's sports teams. No matter the size of the school, there is almost always a sports program, so be your school's biggest cheerleader. Go to the games, wear the school’s apparel, and get ready to cheer with your classmates. When there is strong support throughout the school, it brings the students closer and gives the athletes a boost. Not to mention, you will find like-minded new friends who want to join in on the action. Or you could also look into joining a team too. It’s a great way to make friends at your school and travel around to neighbouring campuses.

It’s a new year - be the kind of first-year that puts the best parts of your personality front and center. Not only will it make your year richer and more rewarding, but the memories you make will last a lifetime.

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