Sending money internationally has never been easier

Whether it’s direct-to-bank deposit with Scotia International Money* or cash pick-up with Western Union, you can send your money the way you want.

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The benefits of sending money with Scotia


Send money in the way that’s easiest for you and your recipient, whether that’s directly to their bank account or cash pick-up.


Complete your transfer in just a few steps directly through Scotia’s online or mobile banking.


Your money is protected from unauthorized activity by Scotiabank’s security guarantees


Send money abroad to over 200 countries, including the United States, India, Philippines, China, and many more.

We’ve got 2 options to help you send money internationally


Scotia International Money Transfer* 

Direct-to-bank deposit

  • Send money online directly to your recipient’s bank account within 5 business days in over 20 countries
  • Send up to $10,000 a day 
  • $0 fee for Ultimate Package customers and new to Canada customers
  • $1.99 per transfer all other customers
  • Additional foreign exchange rates apply

Western Union

Cash pick-up

  • Send money abroad to more than 500,000 locations, in over 200 countries 
  • Send up to $999.99 through online and mobile banking, and up to $7,499 through a branch in a day 
  • Send money internationally for fast cash pick-up at an agent location within 2 to 4 hours2 
  • $5 + 1% fee on the amount being transferred3
  • Additional foreign exchange rates apply

Our step-by-step demo shows how easy it is to send money internationally using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Compare your money transfer options

See chart below 

  Scotia International Money transfer* Western Union
Method of sending  Direct-to-bank deposit Cash pick-up 
Amount   Up to $10,000

Up to $999 through our online and mobile banking

Up to $7,499 at a Scotiabank branch

Length of time  Up to 5 business days  Up to 5 business days 2-4 hours2
Transfer fees

$0 fee for Ultimate Package customers or New to Canada customers1

$1.99 per transfer for all other customers

Additional exchange rates apply

$5 per transfer +1% of the principle amount 3

Additional exchange rates apply

How to send   Online or mobile banking  Online banking, mobile banking, or at your nearest branch. 
Available Countries United States, India, Philippines, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Cyprus, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and China  Over 200 countries and territories and we have over 500,000 agent locations