Unlock your home equity with STEP.

The Scotia Total Equity Plan® (STEP) is a flexible borrowing plan tied to the equity in your home.

What is STEP?

The Scotia Total Equity Plan (STEP) is a flexible borrowing plan tied to the equity in your home.

STEP lets you choose from different kinds of Scotiabank credit products (like mortgages, a line of credit, credit cards and more) based on your needs, all with one easy application.1 With STEP, you’re in control.

How does STEP work? 

Step 1

Get your STEP when you get your mortgage

Sign up for STEP as part of your mortgage process and unlock future borrowing power with one easy application.1

Step 1

Select products to link to your STEP

  • Mortgage
  • ScotiaLine® Personal Line of Credit
  • Credit cards
  • Scotia Plan Loans
  • Overdraft Protection
  • And more
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As your equity grows, so does your borrowing power. We can help.

Get in touch with a Home Financing Advisor to learn more about how STEP can help you achieve your future plans.

With STEP, you’re ready for what comes next 

All it takes is one application1 to access all the benefits of STEP. You can borrow up to 80% of the value of your home, including up to 65% under lines of credit and other secured borrowing solutions.

Personalize your mortgage

Choose up to 3 mortgages to create a solution for your short- or long-term goals. Pick from fixed or variable rates with long or short terms. 

Fixed Rate Mortgages
Variable Rate Mortgages
Long and Short® Mortgage

Buy a new property

Use the equity in your existing home to help you buy a vacation home or an investment property.

Renovate your home

Our ScotiaLine with an access card can provide financing for renovations that can increase your property value and the enjoyment of your home

Consolidate Debt

Under STEP, you can consolidate or restructure your debt at a lower interest rate.

Funds for education

Help pay for your own educational costs or assist with your child’s educational expenses.

Plan for retirement

Use your growing equity to invest in and plan for your future.

Create a plan that works for you

Choose from a unique range of credit options to help you achieve your goals.


Protect against interest rate changes with fixed rate mortgages and take advantage of potential savings with variable rate mortgages.

ScotiaLine Personal Line of Credit

Gain access to a higher credit limit to make those larger purchases (and only pay interest on what you use).


  • Borrow between $100,000 and $1,500,000

ScotiaLine Personal Line of Credit with access card

Use your access card to make in-store and online purchases at a low interest rate.


  • Borrow between $10,000 and $500,000

Credit Cards

Get access to more credit and reduce your annual fee with select credit cards.


  • Choose from multiple credit cards

Scotia Plan Personal Loan

Use your funds any way you choose and split between fixed and variable rates.


  • Borrow between $1,000 and $500,000

Overdraft Protection

Plan for unexpected expenses and avoid a monthly overdraft fee by linking it to your STEP. 


  • Minimum limit: $250
  • Maximum limit: $5,000

More features & products

Automatic Limit Increase

If you select this option, as you pay down your mortgage, the credit limit on your ScotiaLine Personal Line of Credit or your STEP-Linked credit card will automatically increase.2

Scotia Mortgage Protection

Protect your biggest financial investment by adding optional Scotia Mortgage Protection insurance on your new mortgage. Scotia Mortgage Protection offers three types of coverage to choose from which can help pay off your outstanding balance if you become critically ill or suddenly pass away, giving your family financial support. Or it can help to cover your regular mortgage payments, including property tax and interest if you’re unable to work due to a disability, so you can focus on getting better3. Calculate your coverage costs in a few steps with our Mortgage Insurance Premium Calculator.

Get in touch and discover how you can take the next STEP

Make an appointment with a Home Financing Advisor

Talk to a Home Financing Advisor on the phone or at a or at a location of your choice.

Apply online with eHome

You can be pre-approved, search for a home, and get a mortgage all in one place with Scotiabank’s online mortgage application process.

Visit an advisor at your branch

Talk to a Scotiabank Financial Advisor at one of our branches to learn more about STEP and Scotia Mortgage Protection.

Scotiabank can help you be a STEP ahead

Your home will always be more than just shelter, it’s an investment. With a STEP, we can show you how to unlock equity in your home to achieve the goals that you have, now and in the future.

The STEP calculator

See how you can unlock your borrowing potential with the STEP Calculator.

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