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We can’t see tomorrow, but we can plan for it.  Get Scotia Credit Card Protection today, for when you may need a helping hand financially to get you through certain difficult times.

Scotia Credit Card Protection insurance can help offer your family the financial protection they need when it matters most. This optional insurance1 coverage can pay off your outstanding account balance or help cover your monthly credit card payments as a result of certain unexpected events that may have significant financial impact, such as:


Can pay your outstanding account balance up to $50,000 if you die.

Critical Illness

Can pay your outstanding account balance up to $50,000 if you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness.

What's covered?, Critical Illness

Can provide a monthly benefit equal to 20% of your outstanding account balance based on the date of disability for up to 5 months.

What's covered?, Disability
Job Loss/Strike & Lockout

Can provide a monthly benefit equal to 20% of your outstanding account balance based on the date of job loss, and strike or lockout  for up to 5 months. 

What's covered?, Job Loss/Strike & Lockout

  • $1.09 per $100 of daily balance on your credit card account (plus any applicable sales tax).
  • Benefits are extended to cover an eligible co-borrower on your insured credit card account at no additional cost.


  • Primary Cardholders, between the ages of 18 and under 70 years old, who are Canadian residents, are eligible to apply.
  • To be eligible for the Disability, Job Loss and Strike/Lockout out benefit you must be actively working a minimum of 20 hours per week for 180 consecutive days.

No benefits are payable under this insurance if death, Critical Illness or Disability resulted directly or indirectly from:

•       intentionally self-inflicted injury, suicide or attempted suicide, while sane or insane (for the death or Disability benefit this exclusion is only applicable within the first 12 months following the Effective Date of Your coverage);

•       declared or undeclared war unless on active military duty as a member of the Canadian Forces or Canadian Forces reserve

•       any nuclear, chemical or biological contamination due to any act of terrorism;

•       the commission or attempted commission of a criminal offence;

•       the intentional taking of drugs, except where prescribed by a Doctor and taken as directed;

•       any poisonous substance, gas or fume of any kind voluntarily taken, administered, absorbed or inhaled;

•       the operation or control of any motorized vehicle or water craft with blood alcohol concentration in excess of legal limits in the jurisdiction where the death, Critical Illness or Disability occurred;

•       a pre-existing condition, if death, Critical Illness or Disability occurs within 12 months of the Effective Date of Your coverage. For the purposes of this exclusion, a pre-existing condition is defined as any sickness or injury for which You or the Co-borrower, as applicable, received medical advice, consultation, investigation, diagnosis, or for which Treatment was required or recommended by a Doctor, during the 12 months prior to the Effective Date of Your coverage.


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