Understanding fees and expenses

Wondering about the cost of your investment? 

The new Annual Fee Disclosure Report can help you understand it. You will receive the report in your Personal Portfolio Statement.

Here's what you'll find in your new Annual Fee Disclosure Report

Amounts paid for advice and service on your mutual fund investments

Amounts paid for general administration of your account

Total amount paid to service your account

Find out more about that section on the Annual Fee Disclosure Report


1. Period reflected in this report.

2. Your account type and number.

3. A withdrawal or transfer fee may be applied to certain plans if you make a withdrawal or transfer funds to another financial institution.

4. Total taxes collected for the general administration of your account.

5. Total fees paid to Scotia Securities Inc. and taxes (e.g. GST, HST, PST, QST) collected on those fees this year.

6. Trailing commissions Scotia Securities Inc. received from the Fund Managers for the access, service and advice provided on your account.

7. The trailing commission is paid out of the management fee, which is part of the Management Expense Ratio (MER). 


A $1,000 investment in a hypothetical mutual fund that has a trailing commission of up to 0.8% would pay up to $8 in trailing commissions each year.1

Mutual Funds: Understanding costs

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Mutual Funds: Understanding costs

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