Invest for Your Future

Investing Basics

Think about tomorrow in 5-year, bite-sized chunks

Most of us are so busy focusing on the present that we don't know where our investments will be when it comes time for us to retire. One solution is to think of the long term as a bunch of little short terms and create a plan that's flexible enough to change course as your life does.

Get it on paper

Whether you're looking for growth, balance or income - your 5-year plan is created to help you make the next five years count. Write a plan that identifies your vision but that's flexible enough to adapt to your ever-changing life.

Speak with a Scotiabank Advisor

Identify your short, medium, and long-term goals and find the right mix of products to establish your 5-year plan. It should be the kind of plan that can grow with the market, manage your level of risk, and is balanced for growth.

Make the next five years count

Your 5 year plan

Get a personalized plan built just for you., in three simple steps. Identify your goals, find the right investment mix, and establish your course of action.

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Getting ahead through small steps 
Start thinking about how you might save a few dollars here and there by spending only on what you value.

Take the pulse of your financial health
Discover the small steps that can make a big difference to your long-term financial health.

Tips to make your money work harder
Learn effective ways to make your money work harder for you without you spending a lot of time managing it.

The Origins of Wall Street 
You don't have to visit Wall Street to invest in the Stock Market. Mutual Funds are a great way to get exposure to many different stocks, bonds or a combination of the two.


It's easy to achieve your goals.

Retirement Savings Calculator

Find out how well your current savings and future contributions will provide for your retirement and learn how to address potential shortfalls.

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Think about your future

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