Cheque Image Services

Right for you if:

  • You need to simplify your cleared cheque records.
  • You want access to your cheque images 24/7


You can now see images of your cheques on Scotia OnLine rather than requesting a copy from the branch. Plus, if your account is Paperless, there's no service fee to view the cheque image!1

To view a copy of your cheque online:

  1. Sign on to Scotia OnLine
  2. Go to the Account Details screen for your account
  3. Click on the 'Cheque' link for the transaction
  4. An image of the cheque will display, which you can print for your records

Cheque Image Return

With the Cheque Image Return Service on your account you'll receive printed digital images of the front of your cheques cleared through your accounts. The cheque images will be printed eight to a page and included with your monthly statement in double-sided format. This will make recordkeeping easier for you and will eliminate the need to store cheques that have cleared through your account.

Printed imaged copies of both sides of your cheques can be obtained at your branch and through Scotia Online® Internet Banking. Viewing and printing of cheque images on Scotia OnLine is available free of charge for accounts with Paperless Recordkeeping.

To ensure the information on your cheque is legible on the image, we recommend that you:

  • use only blue or black ink when writing cheques
  • ensure your cheques are in the new Canadian Payments Association (CPA) standard for cheque formats introduced in April 2005. All cheques ordered through Scotiabank or Davis+Henderson Inc. have been compliant with the new standard since April 2005.


Cheque Holding Policy

Cheques presented for cash or deposit to your account may not always be cashed right away. We may place a hold on funds to ensure that the financial institution on which the cheque is dr_Brochure.pdfawn will not return the cheque. A hold, however, provides no guarantee that a cheque will not be returned as invalid or otherwise after the hold period has expired. Ultimately, you are responsible to us for any cheque that you deposit that is returned to us, regardless of whether any hold period has expired.

If you deposit a cheque to your account which is encoded with magnetic ink character recognition and not damaged or mutilated, the maximum hold period that we will place on that cheque is as follows2:

  • Cheques drawn on a financial institution's branch located in Canada
    • Canadian Dollar Cheques, maximum hold period of 5 business days (4 business days after the day of deposit)
    • US Dollar cheques, maximum hold period of 10 business days
  • Cheques drawn on a financial institution's branch located in the United States, maximum hold period of 20 business days
  • Cheques drawn on a financial institution's branch located outside of Canada or the United States, maximum hold period of 30 business days

For these purposes, the term "business day" refers to regular weekdays only and excludes Saturdays, Sundays or statutory federal holidays.

We may extend the maximum hold period if we have reasonable grounds to believe there may be illegal or fraudulent activity in relation to an account.

The length of time you have dealt with your branch, the amount of funds already in your account, and the amount and characteristics of the cheque being deposited may all influence whether the funds will be held.

For immediate access to the proceeds of a deposited cheque (up to a pre-authorized limit), please contact your branch about our CashBack feature, which can be set up on your ScotiaCard banking card.

Electronic and telephone transfers received for deposit to your account are subject to our verification of source of funds. A hold may be placed on any such transferred funds until we complete the verification.

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