Touch IDTM

Access your account with a touch

Is it right for me?

It’s perfect if you want a safe, convenient way to unlock your phone and access your Scotiabank accounts.

Tell me about it

With Touch ID you can unlock your device and access your private information without entering a password. Instead you simply press the home button on your iPhoneTM. Touch ID recognizes your unique fingerprint and unlocks your device. Plus, you can use Touch ID to:

  • Access your Scotiabank accounts
  • Authorize purchases with Apple PayTM

Available devices
You can enable Touch ID on iPhone 5sTM or later

Feel safe
Touch ID has built-in security features to help keep your information secure. For instance, advanced security architecture safeguards your fingerprint information. Plus, Touch ID is automatically disabled after five unsuccessful unlocking attempts.

Where do I start?

Download the Scotiabank app. Then you can access your account using Touch ID.

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How do I use it?

It’s easy to activate Touch ID your iPhone 5s or higher. Simply:

  1. Tap “Settings”
  2. Select “Touch ID & Passcode”
  3. Follow the on-screen steps

Then, log in to your Mobile Banking app. Choose “Settings” from the main menu then select “Touch ID” and turn it on.

The next time you tap your Mobile Banking app you’ll be prompted to scan your fingerprint to sign in.

Do I still need my password?

Yes. When you set up Touch ID you’ll need to enter a password. You’ll likely need your password from time to time if Touch ID is ever disabled.

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