Spending your hard-earned cash on Halloween candy can be even scarier than a trip to the haunted house. While you want the trick-or-treaters who ring your bell to leave your front steps with a smile, it doesn't mean you need to overpay! Here are some money-saving tips to make this Halloween not only fun, but frugal.

Shop Pre-Season

There's no need to do all your candy shopping a couple of days before Halloween. Not only will the prices likely be marked up, but you may find yourself scrambling as the shelves are nearly empty. When you're at the grocery store, seek out sales on bags of goodies and store them away 'till Halloween. You can purchase candy well in advance; just check the expiration date. Some of the best times to buy are post-Valentine's Day and post-Easter when candy prices are slashed.

Bulk Up

Head to a wholesale store and buy your Halloween candy in bulk. This is a cost-effective way to get the most bang for your buck…and you'll probably have plenty of leftovers to satisfy your sweet tooth! Prices at these stores are generally consistent year round, and come October, they're sure to stock up on sweets. Fill your basket without emptying your wallet.

Dollar Store Savings

99-cent and dollar stores are always fun for thrifty shoppers and many sell food products including candy. For just a dollar per bag, you can mix and match chocolates and candy, giving trick-or-treaters their choice of sweets when they step up to your door. Dollar stores will fill their shelves with plenty of candy pre-Halloween, but get there early before their inventory runs dry. While you're there, peruse the aisles for inexpensive decorations and costumes too.

Prop Up a “Photo Booth"

Save by not spending a dime on sweets. Make your home the spot for snapping pics as the kids make their way from house to house. With a simple cardboard cutout shaped like a giant photo frame, the kids can stand behind your “photo booth" and make spooky-cute memories. Decorate the booth with Halloween-themed images like Jack-O-Lanterns, skulls, spiderwebs, witches, and ghosts. Not only will your idea be a nice break from all the candy collecting, but the neighborhood parents will thank you!

Have a Happy Halloween! Saving on sweets is always a “treat."