Banking with benefits

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Whether you’re paying a bill or making a purchase, you can earn great rewards.

Student Banking Advantage Plan1 4

  • Get 5 FREE movies when you open a bank account1
  • No monthly fees & unlimited transactions
  • Earn 1 SCENE®* point for every $5 spent
  • Earn and redeem SCENE®* points at participating restaurants2

SCENE Visa* card3 4

  • Earn 2 FREE movies with your first purchase
  • No Annual Fee3
  • Earn SCENE®* points on all your everyday purchases3
  • Redeem SCENE®* points at participating restaurants2

SCENE®* Student Bundle5

  • Get $130 towards movies, meals and more when you sign up for a SCENE®* Student Bundle5
  • Earn SCENE®* points on your everyday purchases
  • Get rewarded with a student-focused chequing & savings account, and credit card

L’earn™ Visa* card

  • Earn up to a 1% Moneyback reward5
  • $0 annual fee
  • Spend wisely, earn valuable rewards
  • Build a good credit rating

ScotiaLine® Personal Line of Credit for Students

  • Available funds for tuition and student life
  • Flexible payment options

Earn rewards. Get more perks.

Visa Debit

  • Shop online and pay directly from your bank account
  • Use while travelling abroad
  • Purchases - accepted by over 42,000 Canadian online merchants

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Visa Checkout

  • Convenience of a single username and password
  • All information is stored securely by Visa
  • There is no fee to use this service
  • Works across any device

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Interac Flashˆ

  • It’s perfect if you want a quick, safe way to pay for small purchases straight from your bank account
  • Safe and secure
  • No extra fees

Learn more, Interac Flashˆ