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Make purchases online faster and easier with your Scotiabank VISA, Scotiabank American Express, VISA Prepaid or VISA Debit card

Is it right for me?

With Visa Checkout you don’t need to enter your card and shipping information every time you make a purchase. Just enter your username and password and you are done. Sign up for your Scotiabank VISA, Scotiabank American Express, VISA Prepaid or VISA Debit card today.

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Tell me about it

You can use Visa Checkout at any merchant where you see the Visa Checkout button.

Also you will find:

  • Convenience of a single username and password as opposed to multiple accounts all over the internet
  • All information is stored securely by Visa
  • There is no fee to use this service
  • Works across any device, laptop, mobile, and smartphone
  • Major credit, prepaid and Visa debit cards can be uploaded

Where do I start?

How do I use it?

You can use Visa Checkout online with these sites/brands/retailers.

  • Cineplex
  • WestJet
  • Kobo
  • Old Navy
  • Newegg
  • Staples

Check out some of the major participating merchant.

How do I sign up for Visa Checkout?

Sign up for Visa Checkout here.


Make purchases online quickly and easily by using just a username and password. No more re-entering your card number or shipping address for every purchase.

If your total is over $50, you need to insert your card and sign for your purchase. Just like you normally would.

Sometimes, when you use your VISA payWave at places at gas stations, you may not need to provide your signature or enter a PIN even if the total is over $50.

Don’t worry. An accidental wave doesn’t mean you’ll be charged. The store clerk would need to complete the transaction twice for the charge to go through twice.

Your Scotiabank VISA card with VISA payWave must be very close to a card reader to complete the transaction. Your card won’t be charged just because you walked by a checkout. Finally, you can also always request a receipt just to ensure that you weren’t charged more than once.

Your VISA payWave purchases will appear on your Visa statement and look just like any other purchase you make with your card.

If your card is lost or stolen, or if you think that someone is using your card without your permission, call us immediately:

·        In Canada/USA call 1(800) 387-6556

·        Outside Canada/USA, call collect: 1(800) 472-6842

We’ll deactivate your card and send you a new one. 

Which Scotiabank credit cards have VISA payWave? 

Several cards have VISA payWave:

  ScotiaGold Passport® VISA

  Scotia Momentum® VISA Infinite®

  Scotia Momentum® VISA

  Scotia Momentum®No-Fee VISA


  L'earn VISA

  ScotiaGold Passport® VISA

If you have one of these cards but don't have VISA payWave, just call us at 1(800) 4SCOTIA. We’ll send you a new card with VISA payWave. Otherwise you’ll get a new card with VISA payWave when your current card expires.

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