Eco-friendly Home Renovations

Plan Eco-friendly Home Renovations

Many homeowners want to make eco-friendly renovations, to both minimize their impact on the environment and also to reduce their utility bills.

These days there are lots of eco-sensitive options for home renovators, which can help lower your electricity, gas or water consumption. For example, basic changes like insulation or draft-proof windows can make a big difference in heating efficiency and a well-planned bathroom upgrade can pay for itself through the energy savings you achieve over a few years.

There are also many ways to finance these improvements including taking advantage of your existing home equity. For instance, the ScotiaTotal Equity® Plan (STEP) can combine a number of secured Scotiabank borrowing products to unlock up to 80% of the equity in your home.

You might also consider a ScotiaLine® Personal Line of Credit, which helps you access just the amount of cash you need as your renovations progress. Also, you may want to explore if there are available government rebate programs that could further help you save money.

To help make eco-renovations easier, try out the EcoLiving Home Energy Savings Calculator to identify the best renovations to make, approximate costs and financing options.

To begin discovering the earth-friendly – and potentially money-saving – renovations you can make, meet a Scotiabank Advisor to discuss your home renovation dreams.

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