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We've partnered with Trusteer to offer our customers free Trusteer Rapport security software. It's easy to install and does not require any registration, computer restarts, or commitments. It takes only a few minutes to download and all future software updates are automatic at no charge.

Rapport is a compliment to anti-virus software and firewalls you may already have in place, and helps prevent against malicious software (“malware”). We recommend you install Rapport to any computer you use for online banking.

  • FREE to download and includes all future software updates
  • Ensures you are genuinely on our site – versus a fake site – even if your computer has a virus
  • Prevents your login ID, passwords, and other sensitive information from being stolen by malware and fraudulent websites
  • Protects your browser when communicating with our website and prevents malware from tampering with your transactions
  • Trusteer Rapport works with, but does not replace, your anti-virus software and firewall

Simply click on the Download1 button below to begin:

  • Once installed, a green Trusteer Rapport icon appears near (or in) your browser's address bar when you are viewing a website that is protected by Trusteer Rapport.
  • If the site is unprotected, a grey icon appears instead.
Download for Windows or Mac

A firewall is a program or hardware on your device that helps protect against hackers and viruses that try to reach your mobile phone or computer.

Short for malicious software, it damages or disables computers and computer systems, and is installed without your consent. Viruses, worms and Trojan Horses are all examples of malware.

A computer virus can modify programs, delete files and erase the contents of hard drives. A “Trojan Horse” can have similar effects and is also able to capture keystrokes, including passwords or other secret information.

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