While You Are Signed On

Scotia OnLine® is a protected environment that meets the highest Internet security standards. When you are signed onto Scotia OnLine, we take the following additional steps to protect your information:

  • 128-bit SSL - Industry standard encryption ensures that your information passes between your personal computer and the Bank's computers securely, preventing others from being able to read or tamper with your account activity.

  • Timeouts - If you're away from Scotia OnLine for more than 10 minutes, an interruption to the Scotia OnLine session will occur. (A time-out extension option is available forScotia OnLine Brokerage customers.) You will then be required to sign back into Scotia OnLine with your password.

  • Reference Numbers - After every transaction, we provide a reference number. This will help you and us in any inquiries you may have.
Optional Features
  • Masked Account Numbers - You may have your account numbers partially masked by asterixes. Therefore, "Shoulder Surfers" will not see your entire account number either on screen or on any print outs.

  • Brokerage Trading Access Code - A secondary password may be set up to complete any brokerage transactions. The feature provides an added layer of security to your online brokerage session.