Internet and browser security

Your internet connection and the browsers you use can expose you and your family to cybersecurity risks . Here are some things to consider about internet and browser security.

Protect your internet connection

There are additional vulnerabilities associated with having a computer directly connected to the internet for an extended period of time.

This applies to all users but is extremely important for anyone with cable modem or digital subscriber line (DSL) internet access. These connection methods don’t require “dialing” into the internet and are sometimes described as “always on” connections.

Unfortunately, as long as your computer remains “on” and connected to the internet, malicious parties have a continuous window of opportunity to attack your computer and access your personal information. 


Scotiabank is committed to providing customers with a secure and protected environment for their online banking and direct investing.

You must also do your part and use a secure browser with a minimum 128-bit encryption supported by Scotiabank. If you are using a moderately modern browser, it is likely that a 256-bit encryption is used. Please verify that your current browser version and security level meet this requirement.

Take Action!

Have you downloaded or updated your desktop browser to the latest supported version with a minimum 128-bit encryption protection?


Report an incident or suspicious activity