Our Mobile Security Guarantee

You are protected from unauthorized transactions and will be fully reimbursed in the event of a security breach provided you have met your security responsibilities.

Designed with privacy in mind
Our mobile banking services rely on high-security mechanisms to protect your privacy and financial information from login to logout. Transactions are processed behind our firewalls, 128-bit encryption is used throughout and user identity is verified through multiple factors. We've also designed our interfaces keeping in mind that you use your device in public places. Your account and credit card numbers are never displayed, account nicknames are available and sessions are automatically timed-out.

At a Glance

Follow safe mobile practices — so you're ready if anything should happen

Your collaboration matters
To benefit from our mobile security guarantee, you must respect the terms of our customer agreements. In particular:

  • Don't share or divulge your ScotiaCard® bank card number, security code or your mobile banking password – including never writing this information down, never allowing your family or friends access to this information and never storing any of this information in a lockbox or wallet utility on your mobile device.
  • Notify us immediately in the event of loss, theft, misuse or compromise of yourScotiaCardScotiaCard number, mobile banking password or mobile device at 1-800-4 SCOTIA (1-800 472-6842)
  • Do not download mobile banking app from any site other than the device operating system App Store.
  • Install mobile anti-virus/anti-malware if such security measures are available for your mobile Device.
  • Never respond to pop-ups, emails or SMS requests that ask you to give personal information about yourself or your Scotiabank accounts. We will not send you unsolicited emails or SMS messages asking for your mobile banking password, ScotiaCard Personal Identification Number (PIN), credit card or account numbers, etc.
  • Review your account statements in a timely manner
  • Get more tips on how to protect your internet connection.

Protection starts with a little prevention. Keep what's yours to yourself
Prevent unauthorized access: Use a passcode to unlock your phone's screen. It's easy to do. Just check your user manual for instructions. Or you can search for a copy of your user's guide on your wireless carrier's website.

If it's too good to be true, beware
Provisioning: Our mobile services are provisioned by firewall-protected servers or Apple's App store. If we make updates to our services, you will be notified when you launch our iPhone app. We will never send you a text message asking you to download an update or a promotional app by clicking an enclosed link.

Not all apps are equal: Make sure you know and trust the creator of an app before downloading it to your mobile device. Some free utilities such as wallpapers, calendars and aggregation services have been know to install malware.

Investigate remote lookup and wipe-up services
There are GPS utilities for most smartphones that will let you lock your phone at a distance, locate it, wipe its contents and even post messages on its screen so finders can easily return it to you.

You can find out more by contacting your carrier.

Do you have mobile security questions?
Our mobile banking is safe, secure – and helps you monitor your own accounts effectively by giving you access to your balance and transaction information anywhere, anytime you need to know. If you have any questions, please call our mobile help desk at 1-877-908-8866.

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