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Manage, move and monitor your money using the Internet browser on your mobile phone.

Safe and secure
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Smartphone banking
  • Check your personal and small business account details

  • Pay your bills

  • Transfer funds between your Scotiabank accounts

  • Send and receive Interac® e-Transfers

  • Find a nearby branch or ABM

  • Get started:

    Go to on your phone and use your ScotiaCard® number and your Scotia OnLine® password to log in.

    Browser banking on BlackBerry and other devices

    1. What do I need to start using Scotiabank browser banking?
      Go to on your mobile and select Mobile Banking Login. Enter your ScotiaCard® number and Scotia OnLine® password and you're good to go.

      If you're not registered for Scotia OnLine, then activate Scotia OnLine now.

      To obtain a new Scotia OnLine password, call 1(800) 4SCOTIA.
    2. What services and accounts are available on Scotiabank browser banking?
    • You can access your personal and small business, savings and borrowing (VISA/credit line) accounts to make transfers, bill payments, and Interac e-Transfers.
    • View your mortgage and investment account details
    • View your USD savings account info and transactions, and make transfers to/from CAD accounts.
    • View, edit or delete pending transactions
    • Review your bill payment history
    • Register for Scotia InfoAlerts
    • Our branch and ABM locator can be used to search for the nearest location with GPS or by address, providing information on branch hours, languages spoken, and accessibility. Send us your feedback using our email function.
    1. How can I create a shortcut to Scotiabank mobile banking on my BlackBerry?
      Download our launcher from the Scotiabank Mobile Banking login page or from BlackBerry App World. This will create an icon on your phone's home page or in your Downloads folder which, upon selection, will launch a secure browser banking session.

      I've tried logging in on my BlackBerry but keep getting a message saying I need to accept cookies. What do I do? This can happen on older BlackBerrys and is easily solved by changing your browser settings. Go to the Browser Options/Configuration menu and make sure the following options are selected:
    • Style Sheet Media Type: screen
    • Show images: WML and HTML pages
    • Emulation Mode: BlackBerry
    • Content Mode: WML and HTML
    1. Save these options.
    2. I'm being asked for a password when I download Scotiabank's Mobile Banking launcher from BlackBerry App World. What is this?
      When you set up access to BlackBerry App World, you were asked for your email address and a password, and to create a security question. This password, which is called your BlackBerry ID, is being requested by AppWorld, not Scotiabank.

      To access Scotia Mobile Banking without having to reset your BlackBerry ID first:
    • Go to on your mobile
    • Select Mobile Banking Login
    • Click on the BlackBerry menu
    • Select Add to Home Screen
    • Select the Scotiabank icon now appearing on your mobile's home page to launch our service
    1. How can I access the full Scotia OnLine website from my mobile?
      Customers who access from their mobile device are served a mobile version of our website. To see the full PC version of our website and Scotia OnLine on your phone.

    • Launch your Mobile Browser± and go to
    • Scroll to the bottom of our mobile web page and select Full Site link
    • Surf full site or select Banking sign-in from the top corner of the left-side menu for access to Scotia OnLine.
    1. Are InfoAlerts the same as mobile banking?
      They are different. InfoAlerts sends the notifications you have signed up for, by text message or email, at a scheduled time or when an event takes place. Mobile banking lets you view account details in real time, as well as transact and send money, whenever you want.

    Safety and security

    1. Is mobile banking safe?
      We use a range of security measures to keep your banking safe. We also recommend that you use an access code to lock your phone for an added layer of security. View our Mobile Security Guarantee and Best Practices for more information on how we protect you and you can help, too.

    2. What if my mobile device is lost or stolen? How can I be sure my financial information is safe and secure?
      Contact your carrier immediately to have your device disabled. Call Scotiabank immediately afterwards to report your loss.
    3. Do you guarantee that mobile banking is secure?
      We do. We will fully reimburse you in the unlikely event that you suffer a direct financial loss due to unauthorized activity in your accounts provided that you have met your security responsibilities.

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