Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Scotiabank 

Our journey

AI hackathon asks how technology can be used to prevent fraud

Scotiabank hosted its first internal AI-kathon this summer, focusing on how AI models can be trained to identify fraud on e-commerce sites.

Perspectives podcast: Leadership Series — The ethics of AI and data

Why banks are well positioned to take a leadership role in this emerging field

How technology is helping AI modellers weed out inherent biases

Scotiabank’s Ethics Assistant, adapted from Deloitte’s Trustworthy AI Impact Assessment Tool, helps ensure AI-generated services are fair and transparent.

Perspectives podcast: Artificial intelligence, the future of work and… cats?

What exactly is AI and how could it change how we do our jobs?

Scotiabank partners with Google Cloud to create more personalized and predictive banking experiences

The two companies announced a strategic partnership to deepen the Bank’s cloud-first commitment and accelerate its global data and analytics strategy.

Scotiabank wins Best AI Initiative award from The Digital Banker

Scotiabank’s innovative work in data and analytics has once again earned them global recognition.

Our commitment to Data Ethics 

Scotiabank’s Data Ethics Principles, guide our efforts to ensure that we are using and accessing data in a useful, adaptable, accountable, transparent, respectable, and safe manner.

Learn more about Scotiabank’s commitment to data ethics.

Join us! Customer Insights, Data & Analytics Careers

Our Customer Insights, Data & Analytics team enhances our customer experiences through partnering across the enterprise, delivering customized and innovative solutions. 

Learn more about our team

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