Focused on dismantling
the barriers faced by women.

At Scotiabank, we’re committed to being active allies to women employees, customers, and communities year-round.

We ally on for women

Creating change takes commitment. As allies, we’re continuing to listen, learn and understand bias that exists for women.
Scotiabank is focused on removing barriers to economic advancement and advocating for women every day of the year.

Change starts from within

We’re committed to supporting women employees.

Celebrating our diversity and fostering inclusion

Scotiabank believes in creating an environment where everyone can thrive. We actively support Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)—grassroots initiatives that celebrate our diversity and foster inclusion for women and numerous other groups. Our women’s groups operate globally and focus on advancing gender inclusion by sharing experiences and ideas on how to address the personal and professional barriers they face.

Scotiabank’s Women Talent Program

Representation matters. That’s why we’re focused on improving representation for women by setting (and reaching) annual goals to hire and promote women at all levels of the bank. It’s an ongoing commitment to build a more diverse workplace.

Our global diversity commitments

Scotiabank is committed to building an inclusive workforce by increasing the representation of women in senior leadership roles (VP+) to 40 percent globally by 2025. In 2021, 42 percent of executive appointments went to women at Scotiabank.  

A new global standard for parental leave

Scotiabank is setting a new global standard for parental leave, which includes 8 fully paid weeks for all parents with a new child and 8 additional fully paid weeks for parents who have given birth, which will become effective in 2023. In addition, effective April 1, 2022, there’s new coverage for fertility treatment, adoption and surrogacy with a lifetime value of $10,000.  

How we’re driving equality for every future

Scotiabank continues to work together with our communities to remove barriers, increase opportunities, 

and improve representation for women.

Increasing economic and professional opportunities for women

The Scotiabank Women Initiative is an enterprise-wide, signature program designed to increase economic and professional opportunities for individuals who identify as women or non-binary to be successful, now and in the future.

This globally-expanding, unique offering helps women pursue their best professional and financial futures by providing unbiased access to capital and tailored solutions, bespoke specialized education, and holistic advisory services and mentorship. 


Building economic resilience

Scotiabank has committed $500 million in community investment through ScotiaRISE, our 10-year initiative to promote economic resilience among under-represented groups, including women, to thrive under a range of circumstances.

To build economic resilience, ScotiaRISE will strive to make an impact in three focus areas: increasing high school graduation and post-secondary participation, helping newcomers feel at home faster, and removing barriers to career advancement for under-represented groups. 

Supporting economic recovery programs for women and girls

We're investing $200,000 in support of the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s Building Women’s Economic Security in the Pandemic Project, a unique, national funding program created to assist services for women. This donation will support nine proven, high-impact programs across Canada focused on alleviating poverty and building women’s economic security.

Sponsoring women athletes

We’ve committed over $7 million since 2006 to help women and girls succeed on and off the ice through initiatives such as the Scotiabank Girls HockeyFest, Scotia Rising Teammates, the Scotiabank Community Hockey Sponsorship Program, and the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association. 

Representing equality in marketing

We’re committed to marketing practices that are free of bias and support minority-owned suppliers. As a member of SeeHer, we advocate for and participate in the accurate portrayal of women and girls in marketing.

Supporting healthcare

We’re investing $700,000 in the Women’s College Hospital in Toronto to support the Crossroads Clinic for refugees and the Women’s Virtual (Canada’s first virtual hospital).

Supporting entrepreneurs

We’re investing $100,000 with Groupe 3737 to support the women entrepreneurs program and the Mastermind Event which will reach approximately 30 female entrepreneurs per year.

Beyond the business suit

We’re investing $400,000 in the Dress for Success Canada Foundation over the next two years to mentor and prepare women to navigate workplace barriers and become self-advocates for their careers.

Resources for women

The Scotiabank Women Initiative offers resources, tools, and information to advance women’s careers and elevate skills, financial confidence, and technical expertise.