Grow an environment to thrive

Scotiabank actively supports Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) – grassroots initiatives that celebrate our diversity and foster inclusion. ERGs span diverse gender identities, ages, abilities, sexual orientations, ethnicities, veterans and allies. By getting involved with grassroots initiatives we can all foster inclusion.

Scotiabank Aboriginal Network

Scotiabank Aboriginal Network (SAN) supports the Bank's overall commitment to create an inclusive and accessible workplace for all employees. By providing a forum for employees who are passionate about the inclusion of Aboriginal Peoples and partnering with local Indigenous organizations, SAN is advancing employee's awareness and knowledge of Indigenous inclusion in Canada.

Scotiabank Black Employee Network

The Black Employee Network advances the inclusion of Black employees by providing development opportunities and creating a pipeline of diverse talent throughout the organization.

Scotiabank Caribbean Network

The Caribbean Network highlights the creativity, rich history and culture of Caribbean people by providing a social and professional network for employees and positively contributing to the Caribbean communities.

China Banking Forum

The China Banking Forum is a business-focused employee network that shares an interest in Chinese business, politics, economy and culture. The Forum advances knowledge, experience, and professional development, and provides a resource for supporting business activities in China and Asia.


DiversAbility is passionate about championing a culture of inclusion and accessibility.  Providing resources and support to employees living with or supporting those with disabilities, the DiversAbility ERG promotes the full participation of persons of all abilities.


"HOLA" Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Advancement promotes the culture of the various Latin American countries and provides a forum for networking, training, and advancement, not only for Spanish speaking Scotiabankers but for everyone who is enthusiastic about Latin America.

Scotiabank Alliance for Mental Health

The Alliance for Mental Health promotes the Bank’s inclusive culture by challenging and eradicating stigma, increasing awareness, and fostering a community that offers support and advocacy for employees directly and indirectly touched by mental health issues.

Scotiabank Pride

Scotiabank Pride’s mission is to enable, engage and energize team members around LGBT+ initiatives in order to create an inclusive and supportive environment for employees, customers, allies, and LGBT+ communities.

Scotiabank South Asian Alliance

The South Asian Alliance is dedicated to supporting the experiences of South Asian employees by promoting opportunities for networking, professional development and the celebration of a rich cultural heritage.

Veterans Network

The Veterans Network is comprised of current and former members of the Armed Forces and allies. The Network aims to leverage the unique talents, knowledge and experiences of people with military service, to help drive a high performance culture of excellence throughout the Bank.

Scotiabank Women

Scotiabank has many women’s groups that operate globally and focus on advancing gender inclusion. Members are committed to educating and empowering women by supporting their personal and professional growth. 

Scotiabank Young Professionals

Scotiabank Young Professionals offers personal and professional development opportunities, networking sessions, and educational programming for the young or young-at-heart.

Economic Inclusion

Find out more about how Scotiabank strives to enable economic inclusion for every customer and employee, providing them with opportunities to build the future.