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Addressing climate change is an essential part of creating a sustainable future. As a bank, we can play a fundamental role in addressing climate change through our core business activities. By financing sustainable solutions that support the transition to a low-carbon economy, setting an internal price on carbon emissions and factoring climate change-related risks and opportunities into lending and investment decisions, we are helping lay foundations that will sustain us for decades to come.

Scotiabank’s Climate Commitments

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Scotiabank proudly participates in CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) annually. Find our submission for fiscal 2018 here.

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Our Progress in 2019

Our Progress in 2018

Impact Stories

Scotiabank’s Internal Price on Carbon

Scotiabank’s Internal Price on Carbon

As part of our commitment to the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, we implemented an internal carbon price in 2018. After consultations with external experts and a thorough peer review, we established an internal tax of CAD$15 per tonne of CO2 for our global Scope 1 and 2 emissions. This allowed us to fairly compare projects that required higher upfront costs (but delivered longer term energy savings), with those that were more cost-effective but short-term solutions.

In year one of implementation, this enabled HVAC replacements in Canadian branches, and the kick off of a pilot solar panel project in the Caribbean.

HVAC Upgrades: Through a retrofit initiative, 80 branches in Canada were upgraded in 2018, resulting in an estimated savings of 555,629 kWh, or 413 tCO2e. A total of 156 branches have been upgraded since the initiative started and 147 branches are due to be upgraded by the end of 2019.

We plan to further the HVAC retrofit project across our international branch network in FY2019 and beyond. Solar panels: In 2018 we kicked off a solar panel initiative in Jamaica. Not only will this take advantage of the sunny region, but it will also reduce pollution as the energy supply in Jamaica is heavily reliant on fossil fuels. We plan to extend this initiative in FY2019 to our operations in the other Caribbean countries.

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Making Eco-Friendly Vehicles More Accessible for Customers in Mexico

CreditAuto’s Green Credit program offers benefits to customers who want to buy an eco-friendly car

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Helping Create a New Generation of Renewable Energy Workers

Sponsored by Scotiabank, Relay Education leads programs to introduce indigenous youth to opportunities in the renewable energy sector

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