Mobile device security

Mobile devices have advanced very quickly, bringing high-speed networking abilities to people whenever they want and wherever they go. That’s a lot of information to keep safe.

Mobile devices provide convenient access to information, computational power, and the ability to connect with people all over the world, all on a portable device that generally fits into your pocket. But it’s these very qualities that make mobile devices such attractive targets to fraudsters. They create a unique opportunity to gather information about you, your family, or the organization you work for.

Here are some ways you can keep your mobile device, and all of the sensitive information it contains, safe from fraudsters, scammers, and information theft.


To help prevent the risk of fraud, we advise you use your device’s built-in biometric authentication features, like facial recognition or fingerprint detection, to unlock your home screen.

Using biometric authentication will ensure that only you can unlock and access your device.

If you are using a password or pattern, keep in mind that criminals can often guess them simply by the smudges on your screen. Always make sure to keep your device clean! 

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