ABM card security

From cash withdrawals to tapping at checkout, your Scotiabank ABM card is a major part of how you access and manage your finances.

ABM card usage

You can feel at ease knowing Scotiabank ABMs use strong security measures to protect your personal information and financial transactions. Here are some additional steps you can take to further ensure your safety.

Protecting your ScotiaCard and PIN

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is your electronic signature and is the key to your accounts. This means that protecting your PIN is essential to preventing the fraudulent use of your ScotiaCard.

Whenever you enter your PIN at an ABM or on any device with a PIN pad, use your body or free hand to shield it from unwanted eyes – whether that’s a person peeking over your shoulder or a hidden camera being used by criminals. 

Select a PIN that’s not an easily recognizable numerical sequence (such as 1234) or an identifiable number based on your personal information.

Don’t write your PIN on a piece of paper that you keep in your wallet, and never divulge your PIN to anyone. 

Never leave cards unattended at work. The workplace is a common place for theft.

Always remember to wait for the ABM to give your card back and take it with you before leaving. 

To learn more about how to protect your PIN, check out the  Protect Your PIN brochure

Report an incident or suspicious activity