Improve your business security

As a business owner, it’s important that you learn how to improve and maintain your business’s security.


Strengthen your authentication procedures to ensure only your employees can gain access to your business’s systems and data.

Sensitive information 

Sensitive information is any data your business has access to that needs to be protected from theft or access by unauthorized parties.

Software security 

A large portion of business-related cybersecurity threats can be avoided by having good software security practices in place.

Data backups

Losing data due to a system crash, ransomware, or other setbacks can severely impact your business’s operations and reputation. It’s important that you develop a backup plan to ensure you can quickly restore any vital lost or damaged data.

Mobile device security

If your employees use mobile devices for work, it’s strongly recommended that you establish best practices for mobile device security to ensure sensitive data cannot be compromised.

Remote working security

Allowing remote access to your business’s data and systems can expose it to cyber threats. It’s crucial to integrate safeguards and train your employees to develop good security practices when it comes to working remotely.

Proper disposal of electronic devices

It’s important to learn how to dispose of electronic devices such as computers, smartphones and Internet of Things (IoT) devices safely as sensitive information can still exist within them.

Report an incident or suspicious activity