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We have committed $500 million in community investment by 2030 to help people RISE

Life can be unpredictable. At Scotiabank, we believe it’s important that everyone has the ability to do more than simply recover from times of uncertainty, but instead rise from them stronger than before. Building economic resilience is about helping individuals, households, communities and economies to thrive under a range of circumstances.

But resilience doesn’t just happen – it has to be nurtured and invested in over time. ScotiaRISE is our 10-year, $500 million initiative to promote economic resilience among disadvantaged groups. By working together to remove barriers to advancement and increase access to opportunities, we can create a more inclusive and resilient world for everyone. And for every future.

Our focus areas

ScotiaRISE will invest in three focus areas across the geographies where Scotiabank operates:

Increasing high school graduation and post-secondary participation

Helping disadvantaged youth to increase their employment prospects, life opportunities and full participation in the economy.

Helping newcomers feel at home faster

Fast-tracking the way to meaningful employment in order to support their contribution to the prosperity and social fabric of their communities.

Removing barriers to career advancement for disadvantaged groups

Helping to enable their full inclusion and financial success.

Looking for funding?

Scotiabank funds select community investment initiatives that align with our goals.

Latest news

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ScotiaRISE is making a difference

Read the full ScotiaRISE Social Impact report 2021 to see how the investments to date have helped communities in one year.

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Connecting students with Indigenous role models provides a path forward

Scotiabank partners with Connected North to help remote schools access specialized learning programs.

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Beyond the business suit: How Dress for Success is helping women build careers

Scotiabank's $400,000 donation will support pre and post-employment coaching and bring awareness to the non-profit's work.

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Charities and organizations rally to help Afghans build a new life in Canada

Scotiabank gives an additional $250,000 to support the resettlement of Afghans who helped Canadian troops through the Veterans Transition Network.

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Chart: Employment gains for women, youth drive jobs recovery

Statistics show that the employment growth is slowly recovering in September while youth employment recovery continues to lag.

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Scotiabank makes 10-year, $500M commitment to foster economic resilience among disadvantaged groups

ScotiaRISE seeks to help people improve education and employment prospects, adapt to changing circumstances, and increase the likelihood of financial success.

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