ABM & Telephone Banking

However you prefer to bank,you’re always protected

Suspect suspicious activity?
Report it to us

No matter how you choose to access your account, you’re protected. We ensure that security features and practices are monitored regularly for all of our ABMs and our Telephone Banking process.

Security that keeps you safe

All our banking channels adhere to strict security guidelines to protect your accounts and personal information

Security at the ABM

You can feel at ease knowing Scotiabank ABMs use strong security measures incorporated into the design of both the ABM hardware and software to protect your personal information and financial transactions. What’s more, all branches check their ABMs daily and report any signs of tampering

Safe and Easy Telephone Banking

To ensure your security, Telephone Banking requires that you enter your ScotiaCard number and confidential password every time you call.

Keep your password confidential so that you alone can access your account by phone. If you forget your password, a Customer Service Representative will help you select a new one.

When you speak to our Customer Service Representative about your financial affairs, we will ask you questions that verify your identity first.

Card lost or stolen?


Call us and let us help: 1-800-4-SCOTIA