Building and enhancing trust by acting with integrity in everything that we do


Customers entrust us with their livelihood when they do business with us - so they expect us to act legally, ethically and with integrity - and rightly so. We lead with trust and adhere to strict corporate governance practices that let us respond to the diverse challenges, opportunities and interests facing our Bank. With every decision we make - whether upholding human rights, protecting our customers’ money, privacy and data or promoting a culture of inclusion - it’s through trust that we lay foundations for the future, helping us create and enable greater opportunity and progress for everyone.

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Transforming the Way We Work

Transforming the Way We Work

At our headquarters in Toronto, Canada, our Way We Work (W3) initiative is bolstering employee engagement by creating innovative Activity-Based Working environments, referred to as “Ecosystems.”

Activity-Based Working provides employees a flexible work environment with a variety of work stations for each activity they engage in during the day. State-of-the-art tools and technology make for a high degree of mobility and connectivity within the workspace. Without assigned desks, Scotiabankers are empowered to choose how, when and where they work, based on what makes them, their teams and colleagues most effective.

Activity-Based Working is revolutionizing our approach to work and encouraging a culture of trust. By doing away with traditional barriers that can sometimes separate departments, we have created a shared space where employees can better collaborate, innovate, problem solve and pursue common purposes. By January 2019, 3,200 employees were moved into Activity-based Working environments.

Employees in Ecosystems report better collaboration, productivity, technology and pride in their workplace. Eighty percent of employees in Ecosystems reported they would not go back to a traditional way of working if given the choice.

W3 is also helping us reduce our environmental footprint by using less space, and less paper. In year one, we reduced paper use by 2.2 million sheets. Once fully implemented, based on initial trials, we estimate that this new way of working will reduce paper consumption by approximately 86% compared to the more traditional workplace culture. Activity-Based Working also enables us to reduce the space needed per employee by 40%. By mid-2019, we will have exited over 300,000 square feet of space at our offices in downtown Toronto, Canada.

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Building and enhancing trust by acting with integrity in everything that we do

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