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Customers entrust us with their livelihood when they do business with us - so they expect us to act legally, ethically and with integrity - and rightly so. We lead with trust and adhere to strict corporate governance practices that let us respond to the diverse challenges, opportunities and interests facing our Bank. With every decision we make - whether upholding human rights, protecting our customers’ money, privacy and data or promoting a culture of inclusion - it’s through trust that we lay foundations for the future, helping us create and enable greater opportunity and progress for everyone.

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Scotiabank Supports Access to Finance for Survivors of Human Trafficking

At the 2019 UN General Assembly, the Liechtenstein Initiative’s Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAST) launched their report entitled, Unlocking Potential: A Blueprint for Mobilizing Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking. In accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals Target 8.7, the Blueprint provides a framework for the whole financial sector, and professional service providers, to accelerate action to end modern slavery and human trafficking.

The Blueprint includes a first-of-its-kind international initiative, The Financial Access Project, aimed at providing financial access for survivors of human trafficking. With over a dozen international banks invited to participate, the Project sought to promote basic banking services to survivors with no prior financial access or to restore access to those whom might have had their accounts compromised by their traffickers.

Through a successful collaboration with front-line survivor service provider Deborah’s Gate (part of the Salvation Army’s Anti-Human Trafficking Programs), Scotiabank is the first bank to design, implement and successfully pilot the Liechtenstein Initiative’s Financial Access Project, providing financial services to survivors of human trafficking.

Our pilot program, developed with a trauma-sensitive approach to (re-)establishing access to the financial system, offered free, unlimited chequing and savings accounts for 12 months. The program also offered survivors financial literacy, including a detailed review of the features and functionality of their new accounts and, depending on specific needs, either a refresher or first-time overview of the fundamentals of banking. Overall, our goal was to provide the financial support and resources required in a survivor’s journey to economic independence.

At Scotiabank, we are committed to fostering safer communities, and with this project we welcomed survivors of human trafficking and established new relationships with our community members. We are confident that with continued efforts, in collaboration with survivor service providers, we can make a real and lasting difference for survivors across our global footprint.

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Building and enhancing trust by acting with integrity in everything that we do

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