Careers in Audit

Be a trusted, dynamic and innovative advisor who delivers assurance and insights to keep the Bank and our customers safe. Be part of a global team and help achieve excellence, for every future.

What does working in Audit look like?

We provide enterprise-wide, independent and objective assurance over the design and operations of the Bank’s internal controls, risk management and governance processes.

Be part of a global network

We are a global team with presence across 22 countries to provide assurance and deliver insight to Scotiabank's business lines. 

Become a trusted advisor

We embrace challenges and work with management as a trusted advisor to find solutions through innovation, technical expertise and leadership.

Embrace flexibility

We offer a dynamic and flexible environment where leaders are committed to your professional growth and development. 

What is it like to work here?

Listen to what Scotiabankers have to say about their experience in Audit.

Sonjuhi portrait photo


Sr. Manager, Cyber Security Audit - Canada

“Building a diverse and inclusive workforce is a journey and Scotiabank is on the right path. The Bank offers several initiatives including groups such as: Banking on Women Leaders, that offers mentorship opportunities for women in the earlier stages of their careers.”

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Sr. Manager, Audit Governance & Reporting - Canada

“I am not an accountant and so I never thought of becoming an auditor, but joining the Audit Associate Program made me realize there is so much more to audit. This rotational program helped shape my career in data analytics and has set me up for success in my current role.” 

Carmen Sofia portrait photo

Carmen Sofia

Director, Global Banking and Markets Audit - Mexico

“Scotiabank is a place where the journey matters just as much as achieving the goal. It is a Bank that genuinely cares about employees and invests in their development. Management is open to new ways of solving problems and encourages teams’ creativity.”

A career opportunity for everyone

Joining the Audit team at Scotiabank can provide you with ample career opportunities and give you exposure to diverse stakeholders on a global scale.

Global assurance


You will act as a subject matter expert who provides assurance and effective challenge over the Bank's internal controls, risk management and governance processes. As part of Audit, you will work with stakeholders across the Bank’s Global footprint.

Operational efficiency


You will lead the design and implementation of assurance enhancing projects through an agile methodology. You will propose corrective actions, effectively managing executional considerations in an independent and objective manner.

Strategic analytics


You will provide trusted advice and insight to support the Bank’s strategic initiatives. Through the use of innovative tools and data analytics expertise, you will help connect the dots and provide the Bank with thematic work and forward-looking insight.

Relationship building


You will engage in continuous relationship building and stakeholder management. You will have the opportunity to elevate your skills in areas such as negotiation, influencing, assertive communication and executive presentation. 

Going beyond Audit

Starting in Audit is a great career move that opens the door to enterprise-wide opportunities. We invest in your professional growth with the right resources, the right support, the right people and the right culture.

Grow your career


Audit invests in people to grow their skills so that they can excel in Audit and other areas of the Bank.



Did you know? 


Scotiabank Group Head and Chief Financial Officer built his career in Audit.

Train for success


Audit employees are provided with leading-edge resources to help them succeed in Audit and beyond.


Did you know? 


Employees can access over 200 courses within our robust Audit professional learning platform.

Join a global team


As part of Audit, you will join 700+ team members and be exposed to our global footprint.



Did you know? 


Your network can grow across 22 countries within our global team.



In Audit, you will play a key role in fostering a culture where everyone feels accepted, valued, and included for who they are.  


Did you know? 


You can get involved in any of our 15 Employee Resource Groups.

Don’t take our word for it

Listen to what Scotiabankers have to say about their experience.

Why Kera loves the work she does and the impact she has on her team


Meet Kera Rollins, the Chief Operating Officer for the International Banking Audit group.

Perry gives us advice on how to build a successful career at Scotiabank


Meet Perry Orestes, the Senior Vice President for Global Risk Management and Support Functions in Audit. 

Is a job in Audit right for me?


Andrea shares how the power of adaptability, continuous learning and seizing new opportunities paved the way for her remarkable career path in Audit. 

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Indigenous Peoples Careers

Hear directly from Scotiabankers who self-identify as First Nations, Inuit and/or Metis.

Maria Theofilaktidis portrait photo

“Being part of the Audit Department means you are a valued and respected partner to all stakeholders. We are a highly respected, high performing team with an inclusive culture. This is an area in the Bank where you get to see everything, end-to-end and across the organization. As a result of this unique perspective, we provide valuable recommendations to our business partners to help them meet their strategic and business objectives, while keeping the Bank safe. Our teams learn so much about the Bank, that it positions them well for careers anywhere in the Bank, and we are proud of how many Audit alumni hold leadership positions across the Bank.

Maria Theofilaktidis - Executive Vice President and Chief Auditor

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