Engineering Careers

Our vision is to become the bank’s leading provider of the latest technology platforms delivering innovative solutions for every future

What does Engineering look like at Scotiabank?

We drive customer and employee growth, enhance customer experience, establish trust, and deliver the best value to our customers. We are a team of highly skilled and motivated engineers with a mission to transform the digital banking experience.

You will join a high-performing team with leaders that invest in your career growth. Discover endless learning opportunities, constant mentorship, and perpetual support in achieving your goals. 

We work with best-in-class technology to deliver secure and impactful digital experience for our customers. As we work with various teams from across the bank, you are encouraged to innovate, simplify, and scale our systems and services.

We have cultivated a culture of collaboration and co-create digital experiences.  We are committed in creating a workplace that promotes work-life balance and that is flexible so that you are motivated to achieve your goals. 

What is it like to work here?

Listen to what Scotiabankers have to say about their experience.

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Senior Manager – Cloud Delivery

“Our Technology team values a collaborative culture where diverse perspectives, experiences and backgrounds are celebrated, enabling us to design and deliver innovative technology solutions that truly meet the needs of our customers.”

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Director, Release Engineering

“I’m encouraged and empowered to bring my innovative ideas to the team every day. Knowing that I work in an environment that treats me with respect and supports me, is an amazing experience.”

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Director DevOps and Cloud Engineering

“Scotiabank is an amazing place to work. They offer very competitive compensation packages with benefits that include specialized banking benefits. They are an employer that believes in inclusivity, diversity, accessibility, work life balance and investing in employees’ skillsets.” 

What would my career look like in Engineering?

Cloud & Platform Engineering


We work to enable and optimize the experience around building modern apps at Scotiabank, including supporting the build, deploy, and operation of our digital banking ecosystem at Scotiabank.

Mobile Development


We create secure, user-friendly, and accessible mobile applications that allow customers to access their bank accounts, deposit cheques, make trades, transfer money locally and internationally, and receive personalized insights and advice.

Enterprise Architecture


We partner with the business and technology teams to align business strategy, capabilities and outcomes to technology roadmaps and investments. We ensure that the Bank follows a consistent enterprise-wide approach for adopting new and emerging technologies while optimizing our existing technology assets and processes.

Release Engineering


We manage the releases and provide test engineering services across multiple teams, from planning and execution to monitoring and deployment, to ensure the successful delivery of high-quality software products that meet the needs of the business and our customers while adhering to the Enterprise Delivery Framework.

Web Development


We create secure, interactive, accessible websites and web applications within an innovative, safe, diverse, inclusive environment of talented individuals; enabling our customers to have their own meaningful banking experience to quickly understand their financial health, perform transactions and give them direct access to leverage the different offers that our bank provides suited for their specific needs.

Matt Clements portrait photo

“I'm very proud of the direct, measurable impact that our software has on our customers and employees.  At Scotiabank we have a unique opportunity to build software solutions for many types of clients all over the world.  We are solving challenging problems and have some of the best engineers in the industry.  Our teams incorporate accessibility, user research, and customer feedback to build these resilient and extensible software platforms.

Matt Clements - Senior Vice President, Customer Engineering

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