How to apply

Nice to meet you. Write the first page of your career story with us. Apply today, and together we can start to deliver on our goals for every future.

Getting to know each other

It’s a process, and for good reason. When you apply for a position at Scotiabank, we want to make sure it’s the right fit – for both of us! Generally, here’s what to expect:

Step 1:
Create a profile

Open a job post and create your profile with us.

Step 2:
Preliminary Interview

If we see a potential fit, we’ll give you a call to set up time to connect, phone or virtual.

Step 3:

Do a skills assessment at an on-site location or online, if applicable.

Step 4:
In-Person Interview

We'll get in touch to set up an interview.
See our tips below

Step 5:
Pre-Employment Screening

We'll conduct screening to verify background and employment eligibility.

Step 6:
Reference Check

We'll follow up on reference and education checks.

Make a great first impression

Hey, we all get nervous sometimes. Here are some tips to help you prepare,
whether you’re interviewing over the phone or in person.

Let’s chat

Here’s how you can prepare for the phone interview:


Give it 100%

Make sure your phone is fully charged before the call, then find a quiet spot to talk.


Did you apply as a bilingual?

If you applied as a bilingual candidate, be ready for an interview in a second language.


Prepare for questions

We’ll ask you a bit about yourself and why you're interested in the position.


Come with questions, too

Feel free to ask any questions you have about the position, and about the next steps.

So, who organizes these interviews? Our recruiters or hiring managers will get in touch with you to set them up. Sometimes we’ll ask you to come back in for a second in-person interview, which could be with one person or more – it all depends on the position.

Let's meet

Here’s how you can prepare for the in-person interview:


See yourself in the role

Carefully read through the details of the job description. How do your unique skills and expertise lend themselves to this particular position? What is it about this job that excites you?


Show us what you’ve got

We want to hear about your past experiences. How did you use your skills to solve a challenging situation? Think about the actions you took and decisions you made when faced with a problem.


Come with questions

Ask plenty of questions, whether they’re about the position itself, or about our company culture; show us what matters to you.


Make a lasting impression

The little things make a big difference. So smile, make eye contact, arrive on time, and come prepared. Trust us, we’ll notice!

Still have questions about joining our team?