How to apply?

Say hello to the first step on your journey.

Getting to know each other

It’s a process, and for good reason. When you apply for a position at Scotiabank, we want to make sure it’s the right fit – for both of us! Generally, here’s what to expect:


Create a profile

Open a job post and create your profile with us.


Preliminary Interview

If we see a potential fit, we’ll give you a call to set up time to connect, phone or virtual.



Do a skills assessment at an on-site location or online, if applicable.


In-Person Interview

We'll get in touch to set up an interview.
See our tips below


Pre-Employment Screening

We'll conduct screening to verify background and employment eligibility.


Reference Check

We'll follow up on reference and education checks.

Make a great first impression

Hey, we all get nervous sometimes. Here are some tips to help you prepare,
whether you’re interviewing over the phone or in person.

Let’s chat

Here’s how you can prepare for the phone interview:


Give it 100%

Make sure your phone is fully charged before the call, then find a quiet spot to talk.


Did you apply as a bilingual?

If you applied as a bilingual candidate, be ready for an interview in a second language.


Prepare for questions

We’ll ask you a bit about yourself and why you're interested in the position.


Come with questions, too

Feel free to ask any questions you have about the position, and about the next steps.

So, who organizes these interviews? Our recruiters or hiring managers will get in touch with you to set them up. Sometimes we’ll ask you to come back in for a second in-person interview, which could be with one person or more – it all depends on the position.

Let's meet

Here’s how you can prepare for the in-person interview:


See yourself in the role

Carefully read through the details of the job description. How do your unique skills and expertise lend themselves to this particular position? What is it about this job that excites you?


Show us what you’ve got

We want to hear about your past experiences. How did you use your skills to solve a challenging situation? Think about the actions you took and decisions you made when faced with a problem.


Come with questions

Ask plenty of questions, whether they’re about the position itself, or about our company culture; show us what matters to you.


Make a lasting impression

The little things make a big difference. So smile, make eye contact, arrive on time, and come prepared. Trust us, we’ll notice!

Still have questions about joining our team?

There are plenty of exciting career opportunities in many areas like Finance and Accounting, Compliance, Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Commercial Banking, Policy & Regulations, Investment Banking and Capital Markets. Every opportunity can lead to another, which means there’s lots of room for growth here, no matter what direction you’d like to go.

Yes, the same requirements that make it legal to work in Canada. If you aren’t a Canadian Permanent Resident or a Canadian Citizen, you’ll have to obtain a Work Permit to work in Canada. You’ll also need to meet legislative age requirements and meet the requirements of a pre-employment screening, which includes background reference checking and criminal reference checking.

From fake emails to requests for donations, scammers are taking advantage of uncertainty and worry to steal money and information. 

In a job scam, fraudsters will often use the name of companies that exist in Canada but list their own contact information instead. They might also ask you to fill out forms that request personal and financial information or ask for a copy of your passport or a personal cheque. 

Scotiabank takes the protection of your personal information seriously and is aware that employer brands may be used in fraudulent job posting activity on partner job boards. Scotiabank will never ask you to accept money into your personal bank account nor will we send you money and request a part of it back. We also do not communicate with candidates outside of our internal telephone, e-mail, and video-conferencing systems. 

Here's how you can protect yourself: 

  • Take the time to research an employer and confirm they’re hiring
  • Be wary when a "company" uses a web-based email address (like Gmail) instead of one from their personalized domain
  • Watch out for an urgent tone claiming they need you to start immediately
  • Don't give your personal or financial information to anyone, especially if they've contacted you by email or social media
  • Don’t cash cheques on behalf of companies asking you to return funds to them

For more information on recent job scams targeting Canadians, visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Absolutely. Diversity is a huge part of our identity; it’s what makes us tick. We not only welcome fresh perspectives and unique international experience, we celebrate them.

Diversity and inclusion are values we hold near and dear to our heart. If you’d like to learn more, take a look at our Diversity & Inclusion statement and find out how we commit to these beliefs.

Simply put, it makes the whole application process easier. When you create a profile your information stays on file, so you won't have to resubmit it if you apply for another position. Recruiters across Scotiabank will have access to your resume, career goals and skills, so it’s even easier to match you with positions that are a good fit. We’ll also send you email alerts, which is a great way to stay up-to-date on job opportunities you may be interested in.

It's actually pretty simple:

  • Search for a career that suits your skills and qualifications at our Career Centre
  • Create a Profile
  • Submit your application for the job(s) you’re interested in
  • If you’re one of our top candidates, a recruiting team member will call or email to learn more about you
  • If you’re selected for a face-to-face interview, you’ll meet with one of our recruiting team members and/or the hiring manager

Well, there are a couple ways:

  1. Let them know they can sign up for Job Alerts at
  2. Share the job posting by email, Facebook or Twitter – just use the share links on the posting.

Every opportunity has a different application deadline, but we recommend you apply as soon as you see the posting (and that you keep your profile up to date so you don't miss out on any opportunities!).

Yes – just let us know if you're being considered for more than one position at the same time.

If you've created an online profile with us, you'll get a confirmation email every time you send an application.

Yes. Simply log in and go to Job Application to see the status of your application(s). But don’t worry, if your application moves forward we’ll contact you directly to set up an interview. And if the job opening is filled or cancelled/closed, we may notify you by email as well.

We'll call or email you using the number or email address on your resume and profile, so make sure your contact info is always up to date.

We want you to be successful and thrive in your role here. That’s why our hiring team may ask you to do an assessment either online or at one of our locations. We'll walk you through the details and let you know if (and how) you need to prepare beforehand. Just let us know if there’s anything you need to successfully complete the assessment.

That’s easy – sign up for Job Alerts at and you’ll never miss an opportunity. Simply tailor your search by category and location.