Activate Strategic Functions
New Graduate Development Program

Undergraduate, Masters and MBA New Graduates
May/June 2021


The Activate Strategic Functions New Graduate Development Program is designed to kick-start your career at Scotiabank with endless possibilities! Within this program, you will choose a stream in the Strategic Functions space to specialize in. What are the Strategic Functions? Areas such as Marketing, Communications, Human Resources, Risk Management, Accounting, Finance and more! Within this program, one of our streams includes our Pre-Approved CPA program that is designed to help you fulfill the designation requirements while accessing a broad range of services and experiences, unmatched by the traditional routes that previously dominated this field. Each rotation in Activate will expose you to a different area within your stream and you will have an opportunity to step outside your specialized area to further develop your skillset. You will have access to personalized skill-building workshops and challenging work-integrated opportunities that will rapidly accelerate your development.  

Global Risk Management (GRM) Associate Program

Does this sound like you? 

  • You are graduating from an Undergraduate, Masters or MBA program 

  • You are passionate about the bank and its Strategic Functions 

  • You are creative, curious and a collaborative problem solver

  • You are driven, hardworking and thrive in a fast-paced environment

  • You want to make an impact in a global organization 

  • You are ambitious and want to become a leader

  • What to Expect

    • Multiple rotations within our Strategic Functions  
    • A dedicated Program Manager that works with you on all things learning, goals and development
    • Exciting hands-on program activities including a capstone project, masterclasses and workshops
    • Ability to build professional relationships within your cohort and the organization
    • Significant leadership exposure and mentorship program 

    How to Apply

    Check the postings in your school’s career portal, with your career centre, or visit our student jobs page.