In the ever-evolving world of banking and finance, career journeys often take unexpected and exciting turns. In this blog, we’ll delve into Andrea’s remarkable career path that led her to her current role as Director of Audit and Credit Risk at Scotiabank. 

Andrea’s career started in the bustling world of Commercial and Corporate Banking in Peru. For seven years, she thrived as a Relationship Manager, honing her skills in building strong connections with clients and navigating the complexities of the financial world. Her desire for further education led her to Canada, where she found herself contemplating her next professional move after finalizing her MBA studies at McGill University. 

The unexpected first role at Scotiabank

What makes Andrea’s story remarkable is the leap she took into her first role in Canada, which was very different from her previous experiences in Peru – Internal Consulting at Scotiabank within the Enterprise Productivity team. 

Working alongside professionals with strong consulting backgrounds, she found herself thriving in a dynamic environment. She explains “The opportunity to build relationships and learn to adapt to each project makes this work very dynamic.” This adaptability became one of her key strengths as she embarked on a journey of diverse projects across various business lines. 

Transferable skills in action

Andrea’s journey at Scotiabank continued as she naturally transitioned into Audit after reading a job description for an Audit position that in her words “described everything she loved about her work… a new challenge in every project, new people, different areas to learn from and tons of collaboration to find solutions.”  Her experience underscores the belief that skills are transferable across positions at Scotiabank. “In Audit, it feels like there are no limits for suggestions… you can always suggest new ideas”, Andrea notes. 

The Audit department at Scotiabank encourages growth and exploration based on an individual’s interests and projects. Andrea emphasizes the importance of finding the right team, learning from colleagues, and having the willingness to approach tasks differently. In this collaborative environment, all viewpoints contribute to finding innovative solutions, maximizing the strengths of every team member. 

A global perspective

Throughout her tenure at Scotiabank, Andrea has collaborated with colleagues from eight different countries, fostering a global network with senior management across various organizational levels. Now a people manager herself, she aspires to open doors for her team, nurturing an environment of collaboration and growth. 

A word of advice from Andrea

As our conversation with Andrea comes to a close, she offers valuable advice to those considering a career in Audit at Scotiabank: “If you are ready and open to collaborate, adapt, listen and learn, this is a good place for you to build your career… and remember, you don’t need to be an Accountant to work in Audit.”

Andrea’s career story serves as an inspiring example of how professionals can navigate career shifts with the right mindset, and support from an organization that values individual growth and contribution. Her journey is a reminder that the world of opportunities awaits those willing to take that first step into the unknown, armed with a spirit of curiosity and a passion for continuous improvement. 

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