Raj Viswanathan

Group Head and Chief Financial Officer



Raj Viswanathan is the Group Head and Chief Financial Officer at Scotiabank. He was appointed to the role in December 2019. In this capacity, the Group Head & CFO has unfettered access to the Audit and Conduct Review Committee to ensure independence of the Function. Raj oversees the Finance Department, including Business Line finance groups, Finance & Strategy, Economics, Taxation, Chief Accountants, Procurement, Investor Relations, Group Treasury and Strategic Transactions & Review.

Raj first joined Scotiabank in 2002 and has held progressively senior positions in Internal Audit and Finance.  Raj was appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in 2018. In 2014, Raj was appointed Senior Vice President & Chief Accountant. In this role, Raj was responsible for overseeing the Chief Accountant’s group which included group responsibilities for: Capital Management, Accounting Policies & Procedures and Financial Analysis and Reporting. In this role, Raj also led the Bank’s multi-year Finance Transformation project.

Raj is married and has one son.