Scotiabank’s technology modernization journey takes root in people — not in technology. Investing in people is at the heart of the Bank’s global talent strategy.

Michael Zerbs, Group Head Technology & Operations, knew the Bank would need modern skills to build and maintain modern technology when it embarked on a global transformation several years ago.

“Keeping up with the needs of the business required that we change the face of technology and digital talent at the Bank,” said Zerbs. “We’ve since organized highly skilled and diverse technology teams across our global footprint and are now expanding and accelerating our talent strategy by actively recruiting from key markets.”

Scotiabank recently announced that it’s establishing regional technology hubs in Ottawa and Vancouver. The Bank will be recruiting for leading technology and digital roles, including architects, engineers, software developers, mobile developers and digital designers. These roles will support innovation efforts in Toronto’s Scotia Digital and in Colombia’s ScotiaTech.

“Ottawa and Vancouver are key markets for our Canadian businesses and are also home to highly skilled and diverse digital and technology talent,” said Zerbs.

Recognizing how teams want to work is also part of Scotiabank’s global technology talent strategy. The Bank introduced flexible working environments several years ago and proved during the pandemic that remote working could support the business.

“We’re taking a progressive approach to our workplace culture by combining the best aspects of physical and virtual workplaces to be even more productive, collaborative and flexible,” said Zerbs.

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