Scotiabank’s financial-crime-fighting team is making a significant social impact on the global stage. Its work in anti-money laundering has helped identify often-hidden crimes like human trafficking, child exploitation, and tax evasion within Canada and across borders: “Scotiabank takes an innovative  approach to fighting financial crime,” said Stuart Davis, EVP and Group Chief AML Officer, Financial Crimes Risk Management. “By collaborating with policymakers, regulators, law enforcement and industry experts, we can stay in lockstep with emerging financial crimes risks and tackle predicate offences that lead to money laundering, like human trafficking.”

Built on a strong risk culture, Scotiabank’s collaborative efforts to combat financial crimes aim to increase the effectiveness of the financial crimes risk framework across our global footprint. 

Read below about the challenges financial institutions face fighting financial crimes and how Scotiabank is a leader in the space.

Teaming Up to Fight Financial Crime

Scotiabank’s EVP & Group Head of Financial Crimes Risk Management, reflects on the Bank’s holistic approach to fighting financial crimes in The Banker

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