For Those Who Served: The Great War

The Great War (World War I), 1914-1918

From every corner of the Dominion, from Newfoundland, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the United States of America, staff of the Bank answered the call to arms. With so many men enlisting to serve, the need to replace them, (either in the branches or at the General Office) was met by hiring women. A significant number of women were added to the payroll registers of the Bank during this time.

By the time the war had ended, 612 Scotiabankers from The Bank of Nova Scotia had enlisted for military service - 81 staff members made the ultimate sacrifice; 91 were wounded; and 3 were reported missing.

From The Bank of Ottawa, established in 1874 and amalgamated with The Bank of Nova Scotia on 30 April 1919, 288 staff members had enlisted for military service - 21 made the supreme sacrifice; 17 were wounded; 5 were made prisoners; and 2 were reported missing.

From the National Trust Company, established in 1898 and acquired by Scotiabank in 1997, 54 staff members enlisted for military service - 10 of whom died in service.

For a complete list of all those who worked for The Bank of Nova Scotia, The Bank of Ottawa and The Bank of New Brunswick employees who served in The Great War, please view our Roll of Honour.

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